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  1. Imho it seems clearly a bug. You should report it in the bug's forum.
  2. Sorry to write this but yr idea of Sacchi's Milan has a big error. That Milan was like a 'swiss clock' with full of schemes and with no space for improvisation or high creativity. Every players had a duty and all worked with schemes trained more and more times in training sessions. You can trust me...i saw that fantastic team many times in San Siro (including that wonderful match Milan - Real Madrid 5-0). Further in defense it was a 4-4-2 team but in attack it becomes a sort of diamond formation. Donadoni was a right midfielder that in attack went also in center between midfield and attack lines; Colombo was a dm that in some times moved to right flank using the space opened by Donadoni for a bad surprise for the defenders. Ancelotti and Rijkard were defend playmaker. At left side played Evani like a real wing. In attack Gullit acted like a forward all over the pitch and Van Basten like an attacker near penalty's area. The team played high on the pitch, with extreme use of offside trap, compact and all the players moved with coordination with a very little space for improvisations. It could appear like an offensive team but instead it was a good balanced shape based on a good acted defense shape.
  3. Shadow striker???? Which kind of football did you see? Kaká was a fast, modern trequartista that worked also for the team....and he was a trequartista because he played behind Inzaghi and Shevcenko.....'shadow striker'???? Never mind.....Also in the 4-3-2-1 he played behind the forward and tried to gain advantage for his speed starting behind the attacking line....
  4. so you are saying that the main focus of the game is the 'casual gamer'???? Millions of data for casual/tablet gamer?
  5. Here you go http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/420475-Bust-the-Net-Football-Manager-Tactics
  6. Is someone able to explain how to do a good pressing in FM2015???? (i suspect noone will be because now TC is quite a black box) In Fm2012 we had a lovely pressing; with sliders you were able to adjust the level of pressing and see the results on the pitch of yr settings......Now???...a mistery....pls dont answer about roles...because also ronaldo, bale, pirlo, robben,messi and so on do quite a good pressing during the match....or does SI think that pressing is an exclusive duty of DM???...pressing is a 'collective tactic' and it is in rl not related to single roles......Attributes, roles, shape....all good......but in FM2012 we saw a good pressing...in FM2015 is quite a nightmare...
  7. ...simply the pressing doesn't work well; the midfield line is never aligned and the midfielders run against ball player without organisation, like headless chickens.....the last good pressing i saw in this game was with fm2012....
  8. Clearly we are speaking of another era of football (late 80's) but Sacchi's Milan quite never changed it's way of play (injures of key players are the only things that caused some changes); simply it doesn't care about opposition side because Sacchi thought that should be opposition teams to try to stop his team. The system used was always the flat 4-4-2 (defensive phase). It's more or less like Guardiola's Barca. Always press and beat, never worry about other teams.
  9. yes yr translation is correct, i'm italian (italian translation of TI/PI is not really accurate) - the roles are 'complete wing back' and 'deep lying playmaker'. Referring to Maldini idea and considering that the general shape is structured/standard my idea is that we need roles/duties that worked in more phases. About the midfilder ... the original shape in Milan was Colombo as cm and Donadoni as winger, with Donadoni cutting inside while Colombo go wider for cross (it was a classic scheme that really opened the attacking front).....i tried many times to replicate these movements but quite always without success.....
  10. My starting point for a flat 4-4-2, porting from FM2014 Fluidity - Rigid (structured) Mentality - Standard Team instructions Use offside trap Play narrower Higher tempo Higher defensive line Close down more Roles/duties: Gk - Defend FbR - Wingback - Support FbL – Complete outer - Support DC – Central def - Defend DC – Central def - Defend MCR – Central midfielder - Attack MCL – Deep regista - Defend WR – Wide midfielder - Support WL - Winger - Attack FwR – Advanced forward - Attack FwL – Deep lying forward - Support Player instructions GK – pass to fullbacks DCs – more pressing – short passing FBs – stay wider – run wide with ball - more pressing – get further forward MCL – direct passing – more pressing MCR – more roaming – more pressing WR – stay wider – run wide with ball – more dribbling – get further forward – tackle harder (optional: tight marking) WL – tackle harder – free roaming (optional: tight marking) FwR – tackle harder – move into channels FwL – short passing – tackle harder – free roaming Especially for defenders players must have some good attributes for make a good work in offside trap and pressing Pace - acceleration - anticipations - decisions - positioning - teamwork - aggressivity - concentration
  11. I agree that every man should be able to do more phases but always in a detailed 'plan'.....when in defensive phase every player knows the position to occupy considering ball, mates and attackers.....in every zone of the picth. Same when Milan was in attack: movements were synchronized and the schemes were tested and replicated very hard in training because Sacchi was a real hammer.....there weren't really not much space for individual freedom of play ..... with 'very rigid' or 'rigid' you should use role/duties in another way to reach the Milan's movements...but i think that the 'very fluid' approach was not correct for a team that was like a 'swiss watch'. Anyway with sliders i replicate quite perfectly Sacchi's Milan ...... now my personal idea is that the concepts now used in TC are too 'abstract' and not correctly linked with real football...and so is not easy to replicate the real football because there are too many 'resctrictions' and the TC is quite a 'black box' without complete explanations of wthat happend when you choose a thing .... not an easy task but anyway an exciting challenge....i'll try to write my idea of Sacchi's Milan that worked quite well in FM2014
  12. Some observations from a man who saw more times the 'Invincible's' Milan team: 1) both fullbacks get forward: Maldini on left side (more) and Tassotti on right side (less) 2) Donadoni moved often from right side into the center 3) while Donadoni get into center Colombo always run on right side and go for cross (it was a DM with good run and cross and he never cutted inside but stay always on right side) 4) Ancelotti was a 'low regista' while Rijkard was more like an universal midfilder because he was primary a defensive mid but he was also able to go in attack 5) Gullit was an attacker that stay a little behind Van Basten and moved on the entire attacking space (left-center-right) 6) Van Basten was not a poacher but was a really complete forward 7) Sacchi never, never played with 2 DM 8) in Milan-Real Madrid, due to injuries, Ancelotti was on left side but clearly was not his role If i try to replicate the Milan's Midfield from left to side i should use: Wing (Evani) - DM or Regista (Ancelotti/Rijkard) - Box to Box midfield (Donadoni) - MR (Colombo) Also 'very fluid' sounds strange for me, because Sacchi's teams were always a rigid exercise of scheme and movements, from defense to attack, with limited space for improvisations.
  13. sorry i totally disagree with you, Guardiola's barca wasn't in any way a 'defensive side', sure not about mentality......they defend with possession and costantly playing attacking football because the ball was always in opposite's half but their way of play requires a lot of tecnichal and tactical abilities......phisically, seeing Messi, Xavi, Pedro, Iniesta, it was a light weight team but they played a wonderful 'offensive' football....Mourinho or Simeone are good example of 'defensive' football
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