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  1. did not expect to come into this thread to see spurs so thoroughly rinsed fair though also i preferred richarlisons teamwork goal than the acrobatic one but both very good really
  2. i dont think its arrogance, i think its just good old fashioned trolling i think all the people reacting are forgetting what football culture is like in argentina, everyone loves the passion because you get the extremities of that both sides. extreme passion. extreme toxicity.
  3. good apart from lautaro who randomly decided to revert to the standard of the last decade of argentine strikers when they have messi creating for them eg bottlers must have had enough chances to win golden boot himself ffs
  4. messi was actually really good in 2014 too, think he was involved in 5 out of like 7 goals argentina scored yeah he didn't score or assist later stages but not without others letting him down i remember him playing this unbelievable through ball volleying it from his own half to give di maria a 1on1 who pissed it away for one but he's for sure been even better this time, but part of that is because he's had better supporting cast although let's not kid ourselves - he's still got donkeys to play with de paul has been terrible at any part of the game where he's got to kick the ball lautaro has had enough chances set up by messi to make him a contender for the golden boot but hasn't scored a single one there have been entire segments of play where it sometimes seems like messi is the only technically good player it's not true of course - entire defence and keeper have been good, and enzo/alvarez as others have said maradona had a similarly good supporting too. they were tough ****s similarly and yeah valdano was really good. he was just coming off being la liga foreign player of the year 2nd top scorer in the league to hugo sanchez winning the title with real madrid. along with ruggeri and a couple of others who were at libertadores winners river plate etc.
  5. think it's handed then but decided before
  6. who decides this and when? i swear they used to announce it before the final in previous wc's which always seemed dumb to me
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