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  1. stunned that you would offer him an extension
  2. what he isn't good with is academy players but is okay with established youth players? yeah mate that's the entire point. he doesn't bring players through. not that he doesn't use who are already first team players. and yes he's played attacking football almost exclusively with real madrid rather than any other club - when he had a squad so good against 95% of the teams he faced he could do without reverting to pragmatism. which is exactly what he did in CL knockouts against reasonable teams and above and also consistently with inter. there were periods of his first chelsea stint that his team did play very good football i thought - robben and duff flying down and he did also try and start his second chelsea stint more expansively but caved in early doors and reverted to type again. fwiw i don't personally think the style of football he brings on isan issue as it gets results and i would argue the playing style has its own art to it IMO. but the problem is the circle he creates around himself with his ego.
  3. although can't see you end out of top 4 of course
  4. if i was him and you ended top 4 still again i would call it a day realising my limit of where i can take the club in current context and letting someone have a crack but if 5th i reckon it would be a kick up the ass and wanting one last crack before contract over to try and end career on a high. at least if top 4 you can take a little tiny bit of dignity in knowing your time's up but to finish out of top 4 this season would be disastrous. not sure if that's nonsensical to have this contrasting approach based on t4 v 5th though
  5. the worst part about ****ing st totteringham's day is that it was in fact a response to our whole appalling st hotspur day in the first place many years ago. xking let's hope we've learned a little bit of humility since. (spoiler: we haven't. see: mind the gap. still not ready until it's mathematically impossible for arsenal to overtake us. )
  6. it's crazy really because at one point like around dec/jan last season it seemed like it was all going tits up with messi/luis enrique and suddenly messi returns to GOAT territory and suarez who barely scored in his first ten or so starts smashing them in too and then they basically haven't stopped. it's ridiculous. iniesta has been glorious too more often than the year or two prior too.
  7. vidal's played a fair bit since being eligible in january to be fair which is pretty decent - 9 starts and come off the bench another 5 times
  8. on an unrelated note, what do arsenal fans think about jack wilshere and also woj sczeszny?
  9. fair enough on wider team point although i would still argue against the lukaku cutting against highest level thing. 25 goals he's got and i honestly believe his touch being that bad is overplayed because he gets the job done so often. that chelsea goal recently has given me as much confidence in him as kane's goal against chelsea in january 2015 that there is proper quality here
  10. yeah but so does lukaku? so many of his goals for everton are him running through channels from wide for that exact sort of pass. i'm not claiming his link up play matches up to giroud's by any means but... so what? you have literally every other player able to move the ball around quickly and lukaku is the destination moving about and defences with him letting you do that. obviously oversimplifying it here because the problem isn't isolated to strikers alone but bringing someone who not only gets goals but also hassles defences that would let ozil more space to find alexis roaming in the final third or ramsey pushing up etc, seems like a pretty great solution for me instead of a really compact approach you guys have now although i do like welbz as an alternate or plan b to be fair.
  11. song i see what you're saying but everton play very possession heavy and close quarter football too though in reality. but even still why not shift the style around a little to fit in what someone like lukaku brings? teams would need to either double up on him letting your hordes of attacking midfielders play around more or he gets to dominate.
  12. laughing at lukaku as if he isn't a remarkable improvement on olivier giroud and danny welbeck
  13. does gmg/gamedragons/graingergames - etc - work on macs? if i download it rather than get the box it should right? since it'll be via steam?
  14. what's the quickest at sending these codes out then? also, will it work on mac?
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