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  1. i don't think sterling is a shoo-in for 100+ caps either. you'd think he should get at least another 20 caps through to the world cup but after that, if he hits a rough patch then the competition is so tough he may get dropped. he is obviously great now but will he still be after an injury and loss to his electrifying pace/stamina? i hope of course he can be as good as he is now for years because i love him just as i love kane but they always exceed my expectations so i will expect little further than the greatness they've already provided
  2. people thought the same about rooney though. for years you'd hear how he could drop off into midfield etc
  3. just never know with injuries and others may come through too rooney scored his 50th goal when he was 29 still only managed 3 after that
  4. what's that about then? is he not celebrating because it's harry kane?
  5. yes the bench of attacking talent is better. but england have had better defenders, better midfielders during the 00s. we really underachieved massively in 2002-2010 period. i mean we had a period where we had neville, rio, terry, cole, scholes, beckham, gerrard, lamps, carrick, rooney, owen. literally all of those players were unquestionably world class. but no manager managed to use them well enough to make england a successful side at international level. fine owen dropped off half way into the decade but even still that is a great list of players. and it's not just them, we had also people like joe cole or sol campbell etc well southgate is doing an absolutely brilliant job
  6. ah rob nineteen eighty one enjoy the dreaming. tomorrow may be rough but enjoy the dreaming.
  7. are we seriously questioning his quality in ****ing 2021 yeah he's only just come off being top goalscorer and top assists in the best league in the world, has 20 in 24 in CL, won golden boot in wc but sure of course i think he's been absolute garbage so far in these 2 games btw
  8. could someone make a save game for very slow laptops?
  9. shame about ronaldo being real era rather than psv/barca/first year at inter where he was otherworldly good and showing the potential to go on to be the best player ever, really, would've been nice to try and re-route his career so that it does happen
  10. CM3 Pablo Aimar CM 00/01 Juan Veron / Gaizka Mendieta CM 01/02 Christian Vieri / Tomas Rosicky FM06 Sherman Cardenas FM08 Sergio Aguero FM09 Leo Messi FM10 Luka Modric can't remember specific players/versions for all others
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