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  1. Good shout - I'll just see if I can buy him first...
  2. Cheers - scout report says that he can paly centre back but that his best position is DM - does he need re-training or is he just good enough at CB anyway?
  3. Just finished pre-season and opened the league campaign winning away at Fulham - i have just over £20 million left to spend and I want to get the best central defender that i can afford but the ones that I want won't sign for me and the ones that I can get are either no better than what I already have or are development projects and i want to win now (patience being overrated). Any suggestions?
  4. With the staff, did you end up replacing any of the existing staff or did you manage to persuade the fat controller to allow you extra coaches? There's only one spare coaching slot at the start of the game.
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