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  1. OK - I have given in an bought the game... Last 2 years haven't been that impressed - and this is the first time since the games Domark days that I haven't purchased on Day 1 My first course of action was to seek out the Everton thread - I have made a mistake haven't I! I think that I may do a MK Dons or Salford City game instead of Everton... Come on Blues - talk me around! Legs? Are you there?
  2. The most Everton thing ever mate - we even bottle it in game form!
  3. Hey - sorry I have been offline and not playing for a while... Honestly, I am not sure I think it would have been: GK - Steklenberg/Robles RB - Coleman/Mallo LB - Baines/Cissokho CBs - Jagielka/Williams/Holgate/Lacelles (in reserves in pic) CMR - Andre/Gana G CM - Ozakup/Gana G/Barry CML - McCarthy/Barry/Gana G AMC - Barkley/Ozakup/Berahino STCR - Babacar/Berahino STCL - Lukaku/Babacar The important thing was to tweak the tactic that I listed up so that the player in the position is as maxed as possible e.g. STCL - Target man or complete forward and NOT goal poacher if Lukaku is in it - Poacher if it is Berahino... Make sense? I am about to start a new game today so I will be online if you need anything
  4. Ive let Steve 'praise the players' Walsh go... Every time I check a recommendation of his - GARBAGE I bet the club make me get another DOF in!
  5. I didn't have the money for him - I have changed my tactic to a 1-4-2-3-1 and have had 4 good wins in the spin - I'm up to 7th realistic I can push for 4th BUT... Just signed Hendrix from City - I need Centre Backs though... Also I'm really struggling with the scouting - Everyone is coming back a 4* plus rated player - Sean Long for instance at Cambridge - came in at 3.5 star rated right back - aye, aye I've got the new Coleman here... reality is he is the new Alec Cleland...
  6. Lovely stuff - I am fighting for my job at the minute - I just cannot seem to get this squad going - I decided against Dembele in season 2 and am struggling to keep Lukaku - I have just lodged a bid with him - for £30 mil I dont even think I have the money but hey!
  7. I get decent wedge every year yes - season 3 and Kenwright has gone and a new Chairman has come in and all demands are being accepted - Youth investment, Training facilities, bigger (but not new) stadium and affiliated clubs
  8. so I was wondering why my sweep of the lower/foreign leagues with my scouting network I had worked hard to establish and my format of only signing the 4.5/5 star rated players (especially taking into account Steve Walsh's feedback) was NOT reaping the dividends I had hoped for e.g. constantly being said at press conference that it was thought you had overpaid for players and performances that were pretty low... I cracked and decided to FM Scout* my squad nearly EVERYONE I had brought in was below the golden 140 pa mark - Ive wasted quite a lot of £ - How come scouting is so out? Or is it that FM scout (the freebie version just lays with you... I am not sure I will renew Steve Walsh at the end of the season! * I have removed FM Scout now
  9. yep - always lose (it seems)... As it happen I won that game BUT had a player sent off - It's my nemesis that pitch cut!
  10. has anyone else noticed any weird 'patterns' to the game - So for instance I know as soon as I see this pitch set up... I will lose the game (most of the tie anyway)...
  11. Hahaha - I dont even recall signing him - I am basically sweeping up all the talent in the lower leagues based on my scout/director of football reports - defo a dodgy regen that one! (he came from MK Dons as well) I have just had a go at signing - Danilo Cataldi from Lazio... it will be a race to see whether I get him and Pedro Pereira or whether the skinflint board wont let me have the money for both!
  12. After a dismal 2nd season (finished 7th, out of the champs league at the group stages and both cups early) I am starting season 3 with a big overhaul. I am crying out for a right back though having had a squad crisis and deciding that £45 mil for a 29 year old Coleman was too much to turn down - Pedro Pereira could be on his way though for a daft transfer of £35 mil plus 40% (I never do that) sell on! I am probably light in midfield as well - but have decided that I need to push some of the promising younger players I have accumulated over the last 2 season through... It will either be great or a great disaster!
  13. Ooof - thats a HUGE loss - I guess that is the best thing in my game is that I have tied everyone down on a long contracts (Coleman, Barkle, Lukaku)... I am not renewing Baines at 33 I think its time to let him go - I have signed Mitchell Dijks and Ryan Sessegnon as his replacements... No doubt this will be the next BIG thing that will cause squad harmony to be buggered!
  14. Koumar Babacar is a great striker (not a target man)... Shani Tarashaj is also very good off of the bench season 2 - again not a target man though
  15. I came back on my Everton save - 2nd season is tough as - Players are all upset because a player is upset that I didn't put him on Free kicks (even though I did albeit behind Baines) - I haven't fought it this time or asked for extra coaches... Not a great second season. I am out of the Champs League at the group stages - Into the Europa League, Currently sitting in 8th in the league with 8 defeats... its all very close BUT - Out of both cups to man City - Like I say a struggle... I will probably get the sack. As I say, I still can't increase the coaches at the club - I cant get an affiliate club in order to raise the profile of the club - It's all quite successful yet the board aren't playing ball... I am being offered the chance to interview for other jobs - Napoli and Valencia (again) - but have declined... I get the feeling that it's tough to create a dynasty in this version lads Anyone happen to catch @Miles Jacobson on Talksport last week? Fantastic run down memory lane for Champ/FM - Is there a down memory lane thread do you know? It was a truly great hour of radio with Danny Kelly... I've been a gamer since the Atari in 1979 (not that that had footy manager games on it)... Id like to share
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