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  1. Thanks for your advice before @knap. Unfortunately i got sacked by west ham but have now taken over as Aston Villa manager who are in the relegation zone halfway through the season. I used your suggestion of fire 4321 p103 towards the end of my time at west ham and this worked well . Any other suggestions for the villa job ? thanks
  2. So I used tea for one and tequila sunrise extensively to get Stevenage promoted from both league 2 and then league 1. I was then offered the West Ham job midway through my third season. The above tactics didn’t seem to work for them and the rest of the season I have tried numerous tactics on here to varying degrees of success, and I’m currently sitting in 11th place. I’ve been told by the board I must win at least 3 out of the last 4 games. What tactic shall I go for? Defence is awful by the way (inherited bad players). Any help would be grateful. And thanks @knap for these tactics because you’ve made the game much more enjoyable with these tactics.
  3. I will keep with it and then see what happens. Good to hear that it does happen.
  4. Which is surprising to me.. because as I mentioned I haven’t been approached once and there are managers with similar or lower reputations then mine who have got jobs.
  5. I’ve been manager of Stevenage for a couple of seasons and won league 2 and then got promoted from league 1. So two promotions In successive season. It suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t once been linked or approached for any jobs. I get I’m a relatively new manager but surely winning two Promotions would get you linked to somewhere? Or do you actuality have to apply for jobs? Not very realistic if that’s the case.
  6. I missed the whole FM20 being on sale on steam, which then prompted me to do some online digging around and GAME are selling for £25. If i buy a physical copy from them will I will be able to link that to my steam account at all? I always liked buying it online because updates are all then very automatic (how do updates work with a physical disc>) STEAM Now selling it for £39 seems ludicrous when GAME are selling for £25. Thanks for help.
  7. Ah that's good to hear. Was starting to wonder. Thanks guys.
  8. Just wondering if anyone has had ant clubs approach them to be manager? or do you have to apply for jobs? I have won the Vanarama Conference with Chester and currently on course to win promotion in League 2. In this time several league 1 managers have been sacked and I've not been linked to one. My reputation is still pretty poor (around 15%) so i understand I'm still early in terms of development in the game but does this actually happen? do clubs approach you?
  9. How do I get this tactic into the game? Like all other tactics I have downloaded and then put into the tactics folder but it doesn't seem to appear for some reason...any help?
  10. Thanks for that.....Sorted it now and opened my eyes to customizing the database. Cheers.
  11. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I just bought the game and noticed that there are no players showing up below the conference north/south. If playing as a side in the conference you could usually pick up a bargain from the likes of Worksop Town or Weymouth. Am I missing something here, do I need to load the database in a certain way?
  12. Has someone done this?I Know I have probably missed this somewhere but I can't see it
  13. Brilliant Tactic (Mr Hough Back To His Best 4123), Flirted with a couple of other tactics as Portsmouth in the Championship but found I kept looking very weak away from home and was getting frustrated at dropping just outside the playoff places and noy looking consistent at all. Decided to use the "Back to his best Tactics" with 16 games to go. Ended up being PROMOTED in 2nd Place , only beaten once (last game of season) scoring 31 goals and only conceding 11. Used Noel Hunt as the middle striker (without ticking anyhthing) and he got me 10 goals in 14 games. With better players and using from the start I would have walked the league. Fantastic Mr Hough...got me enthusiastic about the game again and now looking forward to trying to steer Portsmouth away from relegation in the Premier. Thanks!
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