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  1. Just some quick advice really - top of the league in January by a point - Barca have come in for San Jose for £30 million - all up front - take it or leave it? Only thing which I am worried is that Yeray won't sign a new contract because clubs are interested and I am worried that someone will take him for his release clause (£27 million as start of the game). Does this change after the transfer window? Thanks for any advice! Edit: Dortmund has just bid £27 million for Yeray! Aahhh! Guessing no to the Barca bid for San Jose - unless anyone else has advice? It would just leave me with Nunez and Martinez
  2. No, I don't know what to do literally can't get past the first month without having second thoughts...
  3. Hello everybody, Evian save didn't take off so was looking again for a club and came across this potential bug but will a good save for those french enthusiasts. If you start off a save as Reims you have £714k p/w avaliable wage budget. That means if you do the budget adjustmentarino, you have over £22 million to play with first season?! For a team, ranked as 12th Media Predictions, some may have fun with these....
  4. Thanks Jogo Bonito for the suggestions! You'll be glad to know I didn't take any notice of them or even myself! Typical me, not sticking to my own words! But when looking at Sochaux, I came across Evian TC as a potential save. Obviously their shock rise to Ligue 1 a few years ago to being back to Ligue 2 now with lots of old players is a good opportunity to re-invent the team. I will do a season and post on here my outcome but already in a potential starting eleven, there are 4 players over 32 (one even being 39!) and the rest apart from Tejeda (who's value is £6 million already), are pretty poor especially if we are looking at promotion this year. But I think this team needs a promotion to ultimately get the budget to do an overhaul of the team. There is simply not enough budget nor players available on the winter update database to change anyone this year, but please wait to find out! Until then, speak to you guys soon!
  5. I know really harsh and no previous saves to go back to, especially before selling players and couldn't replace them! So thinking of doing another french save, only ones I can get my teeth into? I'm torn between two saves though, unemployment challenge (put as sunday league footballer), see who I get and climb from there even if it does mean going to different clubs or choosing a Ligue 1 team which I am open to suggestions to (maybe a team between a media prediction of 4th and 12th?), what you guys think? Will start this tonight, so be quick with your suggestions!
  6. Sorry quick post, things have escalated! I have been sacked before the season has started. As soon as transfer window started, that £2 million pound transfer budget went because the board wanted to buy the stadium. I only signed Mbappe for £600,000, however after that signing I was supposedly £100,000 in wages over. After calculating before I made the signing that I wouldn't be in this mess and that I could sign more players, I went to the board requesting funds, you know because we really REALLY need to sign some players. After refusing and saying I don't know if I could do my job, they brought me in a emergency meeting and here I am unemployed! I don't know what to say....
  7. Sorry Dobi, you must of posted as well as I, well done on your first season with all things considered, looking forward to see who you get in next to make that title challenge!
  8. Amiens SC Football - Season 3 - Ligue 2 Hello French Lovers, I'm back once again. Now in the last post, we had just finished 6th in our first season in Ligue 2 under my reign, which was extremely successul considering our team and how we just squeezed to win the National a year previously. How would this year fold? Would we build on this or would would slip down the table? For reference, this year our media predicition was 15th and we were 16th in how much we were spending on wages (4th from bottom). Transfers So not as many signings as last year. One because we only were given £500,000 pounds in transfers and an extra £10,000 a week on wages and two, I felt we had a small team as it is so outgoings didn't feel right even if I didn't really play them this year. One big news story, I signed Slobodan Rajkovic on pre-contract agreement. He was fit at the time and everything was all good, international experienced and even was on Chelsea's books. However, within two days of joining, he broke his leg and at the age of 28 retired within a few months as he was out for a year! So I signed him on one of the highest paid players and never used him once, what a waste of money! Nevertheless, some of these signing turned out to be key. Pellenard became starting left back, Adama Ba was a superb free signing in January after he didn't get a club since his release from Auxerre, however as you can see I have already spent my first million at the club. Yes it was over monthly installments, but my god was it worth it. 5 star rating off the bat, was second in command at Monaco but wasn't getting game time so was on transfer list! So happy about this signing and will be our first team goalkeeper for years to come! Table Thought I would get this over and done with. Wow. Just wow. I cannot believe it, It doesn't look it there but with 8 games to go, there was 6 points between 1st and 8th, it was so tight but somehow our schedule was a lot easier compared to others and somehow, maybe with luck and maybe with changing to 3 different tactics throughout this season (we were 16th after 7 games), it somehow worked. Adama Ba in January helped, it sure did, chipped in with 8 goals and a couple of assists as a CAM but this guy went out of his skin for the team: My Player of the Season: Aboubakar Kamara So yes, I know I mentioned him last year and honestly if I would I would of picked someone different for you guys to see, for example Loic Puyo, who was second in terms of highest rating in the team over the course of the season but this guy was on a different level. Now compared to previous years, he was injured a lot more however they were like for a maximum at 3 weeks, never any long term problems. In total, in 28 league appearances in which 1 was a substitute, he scored 27 goals which made him league top goal score by a country mile and revelation of the year in Ligue 2 (which he won last year, so don't know how that works?). Consequently, was in the leagues XI of the season (along with Puyo) and overall in 88 league appearances has scored 65 goals for the club, which is a club record. Sorry this was a longer post than normal, but I am so hyped that this happened to the point where I am worried for next season. Considering we were 16th out of 20 teams in terms of how much we pay players on a weekly budget I can see us being cannon fodder for everyone else in the league, considering Toulouse and VA came up with us as well who are proven Ligue 1 teams. I have just finished the season so no new signings are coming as of yet. All i know is that I have 2 million to spend and an extra £20,000 a week to spend on players! This still means however, my wage budget is still under £100,000 a week for the whole squad. I think I need prayers, but lets go and see where this rollercoaster ride will take me. Any questions, just give us a shout! By the way, well done Jogo Bonito, looks like you've made a good start
  9. Amiens SC Football - Season 2 - Ligue 2 Hello French Lovers, I'm back once again. Now in the last post, I knew this season would be difficult. I tried to upgrade the squad the best I could but considering I had a wage budget that was the 2nd lowest in the league, I know the standard that I was bringing in wasn't going to be amazing. Transfers To be honest, after saying that and looking back on this, I did do a huge upheaval of the squad. I needed to, end of. Notable signings were definitely the loan players, Jimmy Cabot and Sefo Fofana, who played the key roles in a successful season! (Spoiler) Table Yes, I know, with a media prediction of 19th, we easily went over that. We were even 3rd with ten games to go (we had a shocking end of season form)! But part of me was happy we didn't get back to back promotions. We weren't ready for Ligue 2 this year let alone Ligue 1! Now with an idea of who is this quality (which isn't many - we OVER achieved) and hopefully for some kind of wage and transfer boost we can at least get another top 6 finish. If I am honest, I still think after next year we are not ready. Heck this is our first year being a professional club! This club needs a couple of years in this division to get good staff and a deep squad (finished with only 20 players this season) before we can even think of surviving the top division. My Player of the Season: Aboubakar Kamara This guy was my main striker in last years title win and he lead the line again beautifully and stepped up. Won revelation of the year for Ligue 2 and hopefully he can continue his fine form into next season. In two seasons, he has scored 38 league goals in 60 appearances, so over a goal every two games. For those wondering, he starts at Amiens on the new database. So there it is guys, what you thinking so far? Any advice on staff members to look for, players that could be good for a mid table Ligue 2 side? Hope everyone's else save is going well!
  10. Appreicate it and thanks for starting this thread! French football is all I play but never had the confidence to do a thread. Yeah on the database, its my first save on it too, but thanks anyway!
  11. Amiens SC Football - Season 1 - National So as I mentioned, never really done anything like this before so give us a shout if I can do this better! First season went pretty well. I know we won the title, but we were very inconsistent and I honestly believe if another team had a run through Christmas like we did, they would of won. Defensively we were poor but we were the top scorers in the league which helped. I would do a transfers page, but there was no incoming players, just a few who left that were fringe players. Kept the whole team in tact pretty much. Player of the Season: Emmanuel Bourgard Injured for the better part of three months but still won the award for the league and at our season award ceremony. And if that isn't impressive enough, this was all through center midfield, not in his natural left wing! Where now? I honestly believe we will struggle next year. We haven't signed anyone for next year yet, mainly because so many do not want to re-locate because at the time of writing, we are still a semi-professional club. This as well as myself not rating a lot of the players, which makes our achievement this season more remarkable, seems that just surviving, will be more of an accomplishment than this season. If anyone has any experience playing in the lower leagues in France, please suggest some players because I am open to suggestions in any positions.
  12. Alright guys. Haven't contributed to the forums since the 2016 game has come out so do apologise! Have been playing generally just French football on it and love it! Won the league with Toulouse in second season. A front three of Alessandrini (OM 1st season), Ben Yedder and Zivkovic, literally carried me. Would of continued the save but neither of them wanted to sign new contract as they were all wanted by likes of Barcelona, Madrid, Chelsea and lost interest in it after that. So here I am, about to start as Amiens in the National League. Will try and update as much as I can as I want this to be a journeyman save!
  13. See with Houston there wasn't any designated players so i took the plunge seeing at the time when looking at him, there was no injuries or no bans (so i thought!) played a quarter of the season, next thing i know i see a suspension next to his name and a global ban until the end of the year so..31st December 2011. i suppose i can wait it out with him, just annoying that he's on the biggest contract in the team and he's not playing. but with what you said, i might try and negotiate a contract to put him on a senior entry! Medina...looks like an 18 month ban, he doesn't come back until after second season it looks like! so i found any unhappy player at a mls club, just to get rid of the salary of medina, and someone traded me for him for eddie johnson, the seattle sounders player, former FM legend. he's pretty bad stats wise but he's scored 3 in 3 for me now so i don't know what to make out of this whole mess, i suppose i'll only get a team that i properly want when the new season comes around!
  14. Hi guys, Quite annoyed that this did not only happen to me once but twice in the same save and in the same team on fm2012. I'm Houston Dynamo and i've signed Arne Freidrich as a designated player and Wilder Medina on a deal. Medina played all pre season games and the first few games of the MLS season, and up pops next to his name on tactics he has a global ban until middle of 2012. (decided to start in december 2010 btw). as a starting forward and me not having many because of wage cap, i was just getting by. Now in June 2011 on the game, after playing half a season and all pre season games, Arne Friedrich is now the same. I could realese them/put them on waivers, but because i think they banned, they still count towards my salary cap even if i do that, so i can't even replace them. The annoying thing is if i knew this was going to happen before hand, I wouldn't of signed them. Would of thought football manager would of included that in instead of messing up a very good save to this point. anyone the same or had similar stories?
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