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  1. Have to say this database is quality. I think you have done a cracking job! Thank you for making this game interesting again... RP
  2. Ok PMLF - I dont want to see NO new leagues, sorry but I thought it pointless to start a new thread about why we shouldnt have any new leagues. We can all want, but some may never get...
  3. Peter Cseke - fair point, but by having a league in Morocco, will the time and effort in preparing this league, researching this league, establishing the leagues rules be time well spent, compared to improving the game overall, instead of a poor mans version of a data update each year!
  4. PMLF - Should the game cater for individuals or the masses? My favourite league would be the Wessex League at non league level, but I would rather see more time spent on other aspects of the game.
  5. Does the game REALLY need anymore leagues? I would have thought concentrating on getting more detail into the game and making it more realistic would be more productive, then having a new league in Morroco. Is it only me that feels this?
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