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  1. Hi, yeap after I used the Win-G and recorded highlights to upload, it magically became smooth! I'm still not sure what changed as there were literally no other changes made besides that, leading me to believe it's partly (possibly) due to windows 10 resource allocation/focus shift? Very weird either way, never had any issues with any version of FM before, and this is a pretty high spec rig I'm running now.
  2. There's an option to attach files. In dxdiag there's an option to save or export the readout, then you can attach that to the post.
  3. So, interestingly, after I tried to record the match highlights via the Win-G key shortcut to show FPS etc, and doing nothing else besides recording the match, the match engine no longer stutters! Not sure why or what changed, but it works now, without any other changes to the system or settings. Very weird, as I previously used the WIN-G shortcut to check framerates, but didn't record it before. The moment I did, everything seems to be fine after. Solid, steady framerates of 56-57 frames, not stutter discernible.
  4. Summary: Match engine stutters in 3D, not tried 2D. Happens every match, Description of Issue: The FPS changes and varies from 30-57 even if I lower settings. I have a 9900K, 1070 GTX, 32 GB ram, 970 pro ssd, FM 19 works fine, and so do other games I play. Have a laptop with a 7700hq, 1070, 16GB ram, ssd, and it too has the same issues. Attaching a dxdiag if it helps. Also added pkm and match highlights I recorded, but upon reviewing the highlights it plays smoothly :-( Match highlights: peterfernandezArsenal 2-1 Man Utd - Match Highlights.ogv uploaded to sicloud Let me know what else you need? Steps to Reproduce: Play a match in 3D DxDiag.txt peterfernandezArsenal v Man Utd.pkm
  5. damn the website is down :-( Ruci any other links we might use :-)
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