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  1. Hi, I just signed two young talented Serbian regens. They will join my club in 2020 and 2021Â (age restriction i think). The problem is that they have no club at the moment. Will they stay in Serbia with no club (and no training) and loose their promising skills ? Thanks
  2. Just played five games at the end of the season in french Ligue 1. Five wins (notably against PSG and Marseille). Really good but need to be confirmed the next season. To be noticed that i'm playing Le Havre AC an underdog team. So far it's good. I need a player that fits the raumdeuter role. Renato Sanches is free is he a good choice ? I have very limited transfert budget.
  3. I'm testing it. When do you use shouts ? And what shout is to use for what situation ? Thanks
  4. Hello, I'd like to know if it's possible to change 3d kits of my team in an already started game ? And if it's possible how to ? Thank you !
  5. It doesn't work for my team. Less goal for my team ans more CCC for opponent.
  6. Great tactic ! I need an opposite version (with a left wing back). Is it work aswell ?
  7. By the way, anyone know how to see PA of regens without FMRTE ?
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