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  1. A special goal ! watch it

    I used frapps to film it and then i just made a movie using GIF Movie Maker and upload it. Simple work actually Damm The Smudge beat me by a second hehe
  2. A special goal ! watch it

    Hehe check out a masterpiece of my capitan Mr.Yeste http://www.shrani.si/f/K/f2/3rZ18kwL/yeste.gif One of the most outrages goals i've seen on this edition of FM
  3. Sign Up- Build Your Career

    Damm very nice indeed and great job with this. It's nice to see my defender gets few games in first eleven here and there and I hope i can impress scouts around the leagues. It's also nice to see how FM hit my height as I'm 176 cm tall. (I know it's small for a defender but i'm like Cannavaro )
  4. Sign Up- Build Your Career

    I like this one and i bet it would be an interesting read on our progress. I say do it like this.
  5. Sign Up- Build Your Career

    Count me in too the first defender around Name: James Brady Position: DC Preferred foot: Right Stats:- (set your stats from 188total) Corners: 1 Crossing:1 Dribbling:1 Finishing:2 First touch:2 Free kicks:2 Heading:10 Long Shots:1 Long throws:1 Marking:10 Passing:5 Penalty taking:1 Tackling:11 Technique:5 Aggression:2 Anticipation:9 Bravery:9 Composure:1 Concentration:9 Creativity:1 Decisions:7 Determination:5 Flair:1 Influence:1 Off the ball:9 Positioning:8 Teamwork:8 Work Rate:5 Accelleration:10 Agility:2 Balance:8 Jumping:10 Natural Fitness:10 Pace:10 Stamina:5 Strength:5 (TOTAL):188/188 Prefferred move 1: Does not dive into tackles Prefferred move 2: Stays back at all times Nationality: Welsh Personality: Balanced Blue Sq N/S club: St. Albans
  6. Which team will you manage in FM10?

    My annual dynasty mode FTW Starting with my home Slovenia team Celje and then across the Europe building my reputation like i always do. Currently in my 09 game I'm grinding out my 21st season and I'm in Lazio for the 11 straight season (I was in Celje 10 season before i left for them).
  7. The FM09 Career Thread

    I'll just throw in my current career game hope you guys enjoy it Season Team Country League Finish Position Achievements/Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2008/09 Celje Slovenia Slovenian First Division 2nd Managed to win the Cup in my first season 2009/10 Celje Slovenia Slovenian First Division 3rd Nothing of note happened. 2010/11 Celje Slovenia Slovenian First Division 1st Also won the cup 2011/12 Celje Slovenia Slovenian First Division 1st Won Cup, got in CL (3rd in group) UEFA knocked-out in 1st stage 2012/13 Celje Slovenia Slovenian First Division 1st Won Cup, got in CL (3rd in group) UEFA knocked-out in 1st stage 2013/14 Celje Slovenia Slovenian First Division 1st Got in CL finished fourth in group stage 2014/15 Celje Slovenia Slovenian First Division 1st Won Cup Managed to get to Semis in CL(fantastic year) 2015/16 Celje Slovenia Slovenian First Division 1st Managed to get to quater finals in CL 2016/17 Celje Slovenia Slovenian First Division 1st Won Cup knocked out in 1st round of CL after group stage 2017/18 Celje Slovenia Slovenian First Division 1st Won Cup CL(3rd in group) UEFA mad it to the finals (lost to HSV 4:2) 2018/19 Lazio Italy Serie A 7th Platt left them for Blackburn(they just got promoted from Serie B) 2019/20 Lazio Italy Serie A 5th Won UEFA Cup (2:0 over Newcastle) 2020/21 Lazio Italy Serie A 4th Won UEFA Cup (6:0 demolition of Zaragoza they got 2 red cards) 2021/22 Lazio Italy Serie A 2nd Won CL (2:1 over Real in final with a goal in 92nd minute) 2022/23 Lazio Italy Serie A 1st Won quadruple (Cup Juve 2:0, WCC River 1:0, CL Arsenal 3:0) There is also International Career for me. I took over Portugal national side on 05.07.2020 after they sacked Paulo Bento. I took them to the 2022 World Cup where we managed to win the whole thing after a close fought match against Serbia in Finals (we won 2:0 in the end). I resign from Portugal two days later only to take over Italy squad and we already qualifed for 2024 European Championship.
  8. 10 seasons at my home team Celje Now i'm in my sixth season in Lazio. Last year we finally did it and we won quadruple (League, Cup, Champions League and World Club Championship).
  9. Well after initial 10 seasons at my home town club Celje I went to Italy to manage Lazio. I'm in my fifth season there. Overall record 753 games 486 wins 144 draws 123 defeats (won 8 league titles all with Celje and 11 cups overall)
  10. Well another thing that hurts realism in long term games is staff members (chairman's, directors, managers, scouts, coaches). I downloaded Genie Scout program just to show this because I think that retirement of the staff should also be considered in the new patch or at least in the new FM. I'm currently in the year 2022 and it sucks to still see this kind of staff around I mean come on where's the realism in this. Sure i see a takeover here and there but having 90+ years old staff well that's just silly. I have a big problem with player's and staff retirements in this game because if I play a long term career game I like to see some staff changes which I think is realistic but here I have a majority of people still in their starting clubs and that's totally unrealistic and is ruining my fun of a long term game.
  11. whats the deal with Arsenal?

    OMG LOL Same thing happened in my game. Wenger left for Inter and now Rice is owning everything and everybody left and right. Oh BTW Wenger will go on and coach France national squad next (At least that's what he did in my savegame)
  12. whats the deal with Arsenal?

    Yeah what's wrong with Arsenal 13 seasons in a row and they didn't finish worse then 3rd and that happened only once. They are godlike. I was already offerd jobs at Chelsea, Tottenham, Newcastle United and Liverpool but I'm reluctant to go to England due to unrealistic Arsenal team. (I'm a Gunner fan but they are way to powerful in Football Manager) (BTW I'm playing career game and I'm managing Lazio now)
  13. Nope i dont. The oldest guy in my team is Aleksander Kolarov at the age of 35 and I have him in the team simply due to sentimental value. My first team's average age is only 21 so i have a very young squad. And those boys managed to won UEFA cup for the second time in the row now .
  14. Heh Tacconi is 63 in my game and he's still going on strong. (I hope he wont break his hip in a game while going for a diving save ) Plus there is still alot of 40+ players in my save game the likes of Sander Westerveld (46), Mario Yepes (45), Freddie Ljungberg (44 ), Sun Jihai (43), Gabriel Heinze (43), Upson (42), Carvalho (42) etc. etc. etc. I just named few of them. It's a bit annoying that there is (in my savegame) 14 50+ years old players still playing and a whooping 396 players with the age 40+. I hope the next patch will fix this to some degree becasue 50+ players still playing is unrealistic.
  15. Damm that is 100% true for me. In my career game I went to Lazio after 10 years at my home team and now I'm tracking their results in real life plus I'm reading almost daily news about them. It's kind of messed up because my favorite team in Italy is Juventus.