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  1. Group D - Germany vs Serbia: BBC1 @ 12:30

    Played Podolski.
  2. Group D - Germany vs Serbia: BBC1 @ 12:30

    Gahaha Vidic, why?
  3. Group D - Germany vs Serbia: BBC1 @ 12:30

    Was genuinely fearing a red
  4. Group D - Germany vs Serbia: BBC1 @ 12:30

    Mick calling the keeper a big tart haha
  5. That Cameroon players' strike was pretty impressive tbf.
  6. ESPN World Cup Murals

    Love the Australia one.
  7. I am keeping faith, I believe that this was the right decision in the long term. The Italiano loss made me feel like if I wanted to achieve short term goals then maybe they were the place to be. However, as this is a career game and if I want to achieve my ultimate aim of managing in the German Bundesliga, then for sure, Olimpo is the place to be.
  8. Great first season WH! Done all that can be asked of you, Zamaradi looks like he should always score goals for you which is a massive bonus
  9. [FM10] Freedom for Tooting & Mitcham!

    Finally! Hopefully it'll be a worthwhile wait. On another note, that's some worrying form over the last 5 games is it not?
  10. Thanks , it really was. I was gutted by it, it feels like a false career move now if I'm honest.
  11. February 2012 Review 1st February - Rafaela 2-1 Olimpo I said we'd lose this game and we did. Despite probably being the better team for much of it we couldn't take our chances. Still, one positive was the exceptional debut from Omar Rodriguez, who capped the performance with a goal. It'll be interesting to see how we bounce back from a defeat in this manner though. 4th February - Olimpo 0-1 Aldosivi Terrible start to this month after the thrashing of San Martín. They were top at the start of the game but we should have won at home in my opinion. 11th February - All Boys 0-0 Olimpo. Cracking result. A point against a team from the top of the division in a game where we were going into it with no form. Hopefully we can kick on in to a run of victories now. We're never going to be the most consistent of teams it seems. 19th February - Olimpo 0-2 Italiano If I ever needed convincing about making the right decision regarding moving clubs, this has made it worse. Unfortunately, the players I signed for them have made them into a much, much stronger team. They're gradually climbing up the table and well tbh, we're sinking without trace. Something's got to change. 22nd February - Ferro 0-0 Olimpo We seem to continously have a better share of possession ing ames but don't create the chances we should do. Whether this is because of a poor link between strikers and midfielders or just not being good enough is something I'll need to work out. Still, a credible draw against a superior team. 25th February - Olimpo 1-1 Tiro Federal On the contrary to our latest performances we dominated shots and lacked in posession. We still need to be more clinical. Another respectable point when we're in possibly the worst form possible. League Table | Average Points We dropped 12 places in the course of the month. We need at least 2 wins in the next month. Monthly Stat Attack: Month Games W D L GF GA GD League Pos. October '11 3 1 0 2 3 5 -2 18th November '11 5 3 1 1 7 5 -2 13th December '11 2 1 0 1 3 3 0 6th January '11 1 1 0 0 5 1 4 3rd February '11 6 0 3 3 2 6 -4 15th
  12. [FM10] So my career begins in Brazil...

    Just caught up with this thread. How you lasted so long in Brazil I'll never know, seems tremendously frustrating . Congratulations on promotion. That's one hell of an achievement and you'll be a wanted manager soon.
  13. They certainly make the game more interesting, they look very impressive. Good luck with the season ahead, I'm thinking you've avoided relegation despite your squad not having that much time to develop. KUTGW