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  1. suba

    FM18: Hidden Gems

    Try Mile Svilar from Benfica.
  2. suba

    FM18: Hidden Gems

    Sergej Milinkovic Savic for 31m, absolute steal for top clubs ...
  3. Zouma, Laporte or Calum Chambers if you want English CB.
  4. Same here, recieved my key instantly from funstock.
  5. suba

    FM 16 Beta Plans

    This is how i do it every year with beta
  6. suba

    FM 2016 - Your plans

    Bringing Parma back to Serie A will definitely be on the to do list
  7. Any picture of Martial fully developed?
  8. Fantastic find mate, just ordered from funstockdigital! Received key within a minute.
  9. Probably the fastest hattricki ever scored
  10. suba

    FM15: Ruben Neves

    I would really like to know what's that background or skin that you are using? Im in love with it
  11. suba

    FM15: Fede Cartabia

    Any ss with him after 3-4 seasons?
  12. Anybody found some good stuff for United squad? Ivan Carminati and René Meulensteen are awesome, but what about the rest?
  13. Started my save with United bit im still experimenting with prices and who can i buy. Funny thing at start, i sold Young to Tottenham for 20M and as well Anderson for 7M and for that money i bought Marco Reus, total bargin if u ask me! Éder Álvarez Balanta seems like a good choice for CB for 6M, as well as Gino Peruzzi for 4.3M as RB cover. I tried to sign Hummels and Varane but they both rejected my offers over 40M ( Dortmund accepted but Hummels wasnt interested in joining ). Nicolas N'Koulou can be good option for CB for about 9M as well as Jan Vertonghen but Tottenham ask 29M for him. Gabriel Barbosa seems like a good future investment for about 6M + agent fee 6M (agent owns 40% of his contract)=12M. Seydou Doumbia is available for 10M and i think this is really good deal. I wanted to get rid of van Persi and Valencia but nobody wants to buy them :|. If anybody have any good thoughts about who should buy please share it.
  14. suba

    Age profile of FM players

    29 here, still playing since 97'