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  1. Uploaded file "Before Cup Draw.fm", same day as group stage draw. It is clearly not working correctly: The teams here just finished 8th, 9th, 2nd and 14th in the top league. In this group, none of the teams are from the top league:
  2. This doesn't seem to be working. I won the league in 2020: So for the 2021 group stage I should get drawn in group 1 against the 16th ranked team, which I think would be the runner up from the second division: But I get this: So instead, I get the 6th and 10th team in my group.
  3. Do you have an update on the issue with the reserve and youth leagues? Are you able to recreate this or is it just me?
  4. https://www.svenskfotboll.se/serier-cuper/svenska-cupen/tavlingsinformation/ and https://www.svenskfotboll.se/49b26b/globalassets/dokumentdokumentblock/tavling/svenska-cupen.pdf (6.1 Omgång 3) Other notable rules: The four best group winners are seeded in the draw for quarter finals.
  5. Can you confirm if you are able to recreate this?
  6. I just checked again, and it is reproducable every time. Every new season, reserve teams end up in U19-leagues. I have tried starting new games with the 20.1, 20.3, and 20.4 databases, and all have the same issue. I tried starting agame without Sweden as a loaded nation, anad adding it later; still the same issue. I tried loading just the top league of Sweden; same issue.
  7. It seems like all the reserves that are in U19 divisions, are in Division 2. Maybe this can be helpful.
  8. It wasn't so difficult to replicate. I created a new game, all Swedish leagues loaded, started in March 2020. All leagues look fine at the start. Simmed until January. Now, many of the reserve teams are missing a league, while several are registered un U19 divisions. Example: See saved games uploaded as Youth_league_test_Nov.fm Youth_league_test_Dec.fm Youth_league_test_Jan.fm
  9. Uploaded, noxion_youth_bug.fm As mentioned, this save was started on 20.4.0. Thank you for your help.
  10. In my save I have played with two teams. With the first team, the youth candidates were registered in a U19 league. With the second team, my reserves were registered in a U19 league, while my U19 team had no league. Is this a known issue? Is it related to the U21 issue mentioned above? Save created on 16/4, 20.4.0.
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