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  1. But Alli and Mahrez have the same PA, so why is it acceptable for a 19 year old who has performed exceptionally this season (following 16 league goals last season, in a lower league but he was 18) but not for a 25 year old who has performed exceptionally this season but completely faded away come December last year and was very average when he first moved to the Championship? I follow Leicester a lot as I'm from Leicester and all my friends are Leicester fans and almost all of them think Leicester and their players are performing at their absolute maximum. Mahrez is on fire but is a good example of a player with very high key attributes but obvious areas elsewhere where struggles, his heavily favours his left foot (right is weak despite his recent goal), he is not great defensively and doesn't work hard enough on that side. He is also not the strongest. All that being the case he has been fantastic this year, but he does not need a massively high PA as these weaknesses in his all round game are what stops him justifying it. I'm not whining about Alli I'd like to hear what aspects of his game people feel are weak and he'll never develop? In my view, just my view, areas such as the professionalism of the player and their progression to date should be considered in their PA as well as natural ability. Players like Lampard never had that much natural ability (ask West Ham fans when he was 18/19!) but he achieved the level he did through hard work and growing as a player. Alli has a really strong starting position based on his all round game and physical attributes but it is his maturity and professionalism that impress me. If the rule is a player can't get a high PA until he has proved himself for a season or two at the top level (i.e. Champions league) we'll never see any future stars in the database outside of the very top teams, Barcelona etc. and certainly no one like Odegaard could have high PA? I've already asked the same question in the Tottenham thread but I wanted to get some proper critique of the player not just people saying, no I don't agree... I really wanted a real detailed review against it, but I don't think I've seen that, just statements saying he is good already and I think this player has better potential with no reason why (I discount playing for multiple seasons as that is surely CA?)
  2. No need for comments like that is there? Just because I don't agree, what is the problem? Don't reply if you don't want to, but don't threaten not to, that is just childish. The whole point of these forums is to have a discussion, not one question one answer! In terms of those players I would suggest he has greater physical attributes (quicker, taller, stronger) which all eat ability points, then Rakitic, Cabaye, Carrick and Insigne (maybe not pace) I would say he then has better technical ability then Khedira, Bernat, Walcott and Martinez Finally he has better reading of the game and decision making skills then Ox Essentially it is the very fact he has such a blend that is exciting, he isn't just quick, good at passing or good in the tackle he can take elements from all those players and he can still develop He is also, from all reviews and evidence (interviews etc.) a very level headed and hard working professional. For all your replies you have never isolated a flaw in his game or a reason he has peaked already, just said this player is good and that player is good, and I don't dispute those players I am merely looking to compare him to other young players that match his profile. I think the majority of people, an opinion, would be surprised at his PA compared to others, I certainly was I fully expected him to be 10-15 points higher.
  3. Right so he is good but not world class at most parts of the game, he is 19,19!! He can further improve all of those areas, he can be world class, but you seem to be saying that because he isn't he can never be? Let me ask you this then, what has Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain done that shows he can be better, at a higher PA? Or John Stones? What specifically have they shown in their game time that means they are going to be that much better? How in your view does a player obtain a high potential? Because having already achieved things surely falls under CA?
  4. Humm, not sure what you mean by involved, he has started 28 games and came on in 10, only Eric Dier has played more games this season for Spurs. I'm not saying he is at that level I'm saying he has the POTENTIAL in my opinion to get there, the level of a Bale, Benzema, Kroos, Mata in game. I was really looking for reasons I may have missed as to why he can't get there rather than explanations as to why isn't already a player at that level in game. So far I haven't seen or heard any logically argument why he can progress to that level in real life and in game, i.e. he lacks pace, doesn't get his head up, can't finish, lack's composure, the type of arguments we have seen so many times for young English players, Walcott or Lennon 10 years ago for example. To me he looks one of the very few players England has that does not have any of these limitations As I say my main goal was to see if someone could come on and say he misses X.Y.Z as I don't (and never do) like changing the SI official PA's, just feels wrong!! Thanks for replying though
  5. Ok Out of interest what is it about players that play in leagues like Portugal, Belgium and Argentina that would suggest they will be better? (I'm not asking this to be difficult genuine question) I look at players like Anderson, Nani, Hulk etc. for Portugal, Defour, Witsel etc. for Belgium and any number of players for South America (Saviola, Daimaio etc.) who look like potential world beaters early on but go on to never come close to the level they are assessed at in FM. Alli has performed consistently in the Premier League at 19 and he really has looked a fantastic prospect and I just don't see what is making people say he is never going to reach an ability level that would make him a key player for a Champions League club
  6. He's at his max PA, the in game editor confirms he is attributes are at that level as well, he plays well and would probably be good for a lot of teams but he is not as good as the players I mention. Generally the argument that he is an all round player is applied to players with high PA, i.e. because they have no obvious weakness they need more ability points whereas players like Vardy with very specific strengths can be lower ability but perform just as well because they have key attributes. For Alli I can see no obvious flaw in his game and would expect him to become a very, very good player, this is why I would expect him to have a similar PA to players like Goretzka, Sterling, Meyer etc. As I say not Messi, Neymar level but that next level down. I'm trying to look at it objectively so ignore in game performance where possible and just look at his PA in comparison to his peers in game
  7. Sorry to be clear this is in 2021/22 so when he is max'd out, he just reach's a level that is squad player only for title winning side
  8. In real life or the game? I don't see him as a monster in game, he doesn't get in my Spurs team from 16.2.0, I have Sanches, Cubas, Samper, Eriksen and Tielemans all ahead of him and he is a versatile sub, he just doesn't excel at any role enough. He's good in game, and can perform in the right role, very well but I feel in real life he can play almost any role in CM and be better than 90% of his peers in those roles, he is best further forward as he does try things that if they don't come off and can put you in trouble (dribbles, passes intercepted etc.) but he just needs more experience to try the right things at the right time. I've also always been of the understanding that performance in game has no part in setting players attributes and ability, that should all be objectively assessed, as otherwise with a significant change to the ME players would need to reassessed in detail again!
  9. Would you agree with his status (PA wise) with other players in game, compared to the English players I mention and the likes Goretzka, Meyer, Martial, Depay etc. I would argue he is in that bracket, in real life, for European wide young players but not in game. I know people will argue it may all go wrong, look at Jenas etc. but everything about his personality implies barring injury it shouldn't and if we took that approach with all players everyone's CA and PA would be equal once they get into the first team
  10. Dele Alli, I'm keen to hear if it's just me being a Spurs fan but does anyone else feel his attributes and PA are not really representative of the player? I'm trying to not be too specific on CA/PA Specifically his PA compared to other players such as Luke Shaw, Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Berahino, Hughes, Smalling, Welbeck, Henderson, Grealish, Ben Garratt, Butland & Barkley It seems he is well down the pecking order for prospects in England when I would say he is number 1 (or at least equal with Barkley, Stones & Sterling) In terms of specific attributes he doesn't have a single one over 15 and others that look under reviewed (Aggression at 8 is a stand out!) I would say he is currently a star for a top 4 side (maybe biased) so he seems very low on all the scales we have seen in the past One final point is his PA in comparison to Bentaleb!
  11. Ok yeah done that, got one that turns 22 in 2 weeks so will see what happens then as he is unhappy!
  12. Hang on can you make it public now? Just went to try that again and can't see the option?!
  13. Yeah they just say no and the player is unhappy but doesn't change much really, they seem to sell when they reach 21/22 though which is odd, so managed to finally get Zivkovic out of Ajax for the paltry sum of £12.5m in 2018 when I spent years offering more, he's not hat great after all! I'm sure it'll get tweaked in update, that's all it needs we don't want to go back to the days where you could send scouts out on 'day of regens' and if you had full knowledge of major nations get 6/7 5* players for next to nothing!
  14. Yep but they were from Prem clubs not lower leagues, no issue with that but you can't get the next Rooney now, well unless the AI team has a mental breakdown, they just don't sell! And I'm not saying they always should of course, but they know what they have got (we're back to PA there!) and won't let go!
  15. Yeah that seems to have been addressed by making every club demand £80m for top youngsters, I've got league 2 clubs turning down £7.5m for a 17 year old, which is a bit much, I mean ultimately they would sell, think Bale, Ramsey etc The whole issue of moving abroad and staying at home is a bit loose, Lloris tells me he needs to go home due to his family etc (I've won everything with him there and am a top reputation club now) so I agree to sell him as I'm nice like that and where does he end up..... Real Madrid!
  16. Humm I suppose I just want it to be more uncertain in the game, I just did the same as you and had a look at my squad, with in game editor, after winning everything I could with Spurs and I had around 6/7 of the top 10 PA players in the world as I had invested in scouting and all the players I got rid of at a younger age were 130-140 players at best, there were no real surprises, I also don't find you need to work that hard on high PA players to make them superstars. Just be nice to have an Ian Wright type player every now and again! It is good they are working on it though as the black stars are a good start, although they only ever seem to go away rather then turn gold....
  17. They are always good players but are the exception after all, I would imagine 9 out 10 players in your side were 160+ PA players?
  18. That's the problem with PA, if it wasn't there and scouts didn't have the ability to predict the future as they do now they could only go on the basis of what a player looks like now, CA and attributes vs position, and the hidden attributes around personality. So a 16 year old Ronaldo would get a report saying about his ability, top championship player say (for example), very good technically and physically plus he has a fantastic attitude and mindset! Well you'd sign him up straight away! Rather then he is 5* potential and will be world class, end of.
  19. You're quite right on people not reaching PA but what about the reverse, those with all the right conditions and attributes but limited PA, say I have a player with 20 determination, professionalism etc plus good technical and physical attributes but only CA of 135, he will just halt at that level but you get players who go from 74 to 190 and have growth in pace for example from 10 to 18 which makes no sense! The system works but could be a lot better, plus it would improve the scouting and make youth development a lot more interesting! Everything can be improved!
  20. Will only ever change if CA & PA is replaced by a more dynamic approach, i.e. a young player who is professional, determined, with good stating point technically and physically who gets good coaching and mentoring plus the right level of game time, can go on to be a world class player, so those factors determine it not a pre-determined PA. Really I'd just like to see PA go and CA be limited by other factors, at the moment you could have what looks like the perfect youth player, attitude, technique etc, plus really good coaching but he'll never exceed 125 CA as it's set in stone! In this world form would be very important! Sadly very difficult to implement I imagine!
  21. I'd suggest this is an area that has been altered too much in FM15 but is manageable, as mentioned above rotate across lots of games, also pay attention to substitutions as that can help with game rotation without risking results! What is the state of individual happiness in your squads? Do you get people demanding to move to other clubs when they become interested? If so I've found telling them they won't play at that club very effective, even if they are not playing at your club (which makes no sense as it works when they want to mover to smaller club so they are more important player!). Also if they are not playing and complain telling them that XYZ player is playing out of his skin always seems to work as well and makes the problem go away! You just have to play nice with the players, don't be too harsh on them all the time and it'll make them less likely to be unhappy. One final point, what is your experience level? If it is default in game the players don't respect you at top clubs so always go for International player if you want to avoid this!
  22. It's a shame to give up, I haven't got the time or patience to adopt the trial and error approach hence I use other peoples tactics to make my life easier and less frustrating! When you have a winning side it is still a joy to play, so long as your assistant deals with the bloody press conferences!!
  23. Just give the game a go from fresh with someones tactics that work and then look at other issues, injuries etc, objectively, you say you are building tactics around a key player, well he'll always get rough treatment from AI and if you overplay him is going to be tired and vulnerable during games. Also consider if you are over training, I have altered my training to 'low balanced' through season with heavy focus on specific attributes and the number of injuries and mass drops on attributes have decreased massively!
  24. Try Zero Sea's Athena tactics, in download section, they work brilliantly and you can go from there with your own. It will be a flaw in your tactics that is causing the issue as those who create (or use other peoples like me!) tactics that get results don't get the same issues anywhere near as often, maybe once a season, so just try those tactics and see!
  25. Carlos Fierro, absolute legend! 6.5m at start of game should do it Scored a hat trick in CL final last season for me against Real Madrid, is consistent and plays well in big games
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