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  1. I've got to say this game is the hardest version of FM I've played for years. The results are so up and down. You dominate a game, the opposition scores. You don't dominate a game, the opposition cannot score and you jag an undeserved win. You batter a team one game, the next game your team plays like it hasn't met each other. I've tried different tactics, altering tactics, different players, different lineups and the only consistency is the inconsistency. Trying to work out why something is happening and how to counter-act it is almost impossible. A tactic that works great, suddenly stops being effective, then becomes effective again. A player who has all the ability to perform well in his role and position cannot get it right. Defenders fail to make a simple tackle as a player runs in a straight line before battering it past your goalkeeper from 30 yards meanwhile your superstar striker manages to hit the goalkeeper/post/or go wide with the seventeen one-on-ones he gets in a game. It's so bad it's infuriating. I'm very tempted to just pack it in because I cannot work out how to get any sort of control or consistency in the game.
  2. Any tweaks you can recommend @jonnysnipe? How do you set up with the 424 for away games and stuff. It's going okay for me but there's a lot of yellow cards... like... a lot.
  3. Hey @RDF Tactics when you say you take away get stuck in for away games where you're not predicted for easy wins away from home, does that include any individual get stuck in instructions for the wingers or fullbacks?
  4. Thanks @knap should I assign set-piece takers then? Like my MCR to take the corners or just leave it? If I leave it my LB, who is my best corner taker, appears to be taking them.
  5. @Urotsukidoji @knap Hey lads, With this tactic are the set pieces already in there (goalmachine one and defending corner routine) or do I have to set them up after loading the tactic? Encouraging start with this... will see how it pans out in the long run.
  6. @knap fair enough. If you had to choose for the latest match engine (m.e v2040), which tactic would you go with... just as a safe choice? At the moment I'm using the 4411 tea for one 103 all cups for 2040 and it's been solid but I find I quite often dominant matches but struggle to finish teams off. Still winning most of my games but I feel it should be more comfortable most of the time.
  7. Hey @knap When we're using this to pick tactics... Elite Club say 1-2in League (Lpool MC etc) Top 3-7 in League Top 3- 7 in League Good 8-11 Average 12-16 Poor 17-20 Is it based on the league predictions? If I'm a newly promoted team in a division but I'm tipped to come third, would I class myself as top in that league? Or would I use something else to determine which tactic to go with? Also what do you do when you're drawn in a cup against a higher league opponent, would you just class yourself as poor then and find the best tactic for your squad as a "poor" team to use in that match?
  8. Hey Knap, Sorry to be a pain but when you say Argus 343 for away matches is that the P102 version?
  9. Hey Knap, Would you say this is a better version than your Blue Matter 433? I've been using that and it's great for top teams but up and down for sub-top. Would you say this is better? Cheers!
  10. Hey Knap, Love using this tactic in FMT18. Getting some amazing results with my Sheffield Wednesday side including Lucas Joao finishing first season in Premier League as top goalscorer with 31! Anyway, just a couple of quick queries. If you're playing against a defensive formation and the Argus is seemingly not breaking it down, should I switch to a more fluid version such as PILGRIMAGE? And when I need to SUS with Argus, is it just a case of dropping to contain/counter or are there other tweaks I should do? Thanks again. Cracking tactics. Cheers!
  11. That feeling when you're losing 2-0 at halftime with your opponent not actually having a single shot on target... gotta love this game.
  12. Hey Franky, Yeah I saw the underdog tactic and have started using it as directed. Seems to go okay. It's hard for me to really tell how effective tactic is generally as my players are so far below the level of an elite premier league club. Certainly haven't noticed a huge drop off in performance or anything like that. I basically use it like you direct based on odds or match situation. Obviously I'm jumping into the underdog tactic too whenever a team decides to go for an "attacking" formation. Seems to hold them off. Not really changing anything, only when I have to swap a role as you suggest in the opening post because a player can't handle the default role. For example I play Forestieri as a False Nine not a deep-lying forward coz he's a 10 as a F9 and a 7 as a DLF. Hopefully if I get an actual transfer budget next season I can get some quality players in and we'll really see the tactic at its best. Cheers again!
  13. Well Franky, can I just say thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You've brought the fun back to Football Manager after years and years of frustration. Finally I feel I have control over my team and what to do in games when my opposition is doing stuff. Great stuff. This tactic is simply put, phenomenal. First season with it I took my beloved Wednesday to the Championship title, scoring over 100 goals and amassing over 100 points. Amazing scenes. Promotion celebrations were quickly cut short when my board gave me a transfer budget of 9 million pounds, that's NINE MILLION POUNDS, for the season. Fearing the worst though my woefully sub-par group of players began the season with a 5-1 win over Newcastle and we're now sitting third with the season nearing an end. Big results include a 2-0 over Man City at the Etihad and a 4-1 win over champions Manchester United the following match. I've also just defeated Tottenham 3-2 at Wembley to reach the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. Oh and Jordan Rhodes is the runaway top scorer in the league with 21 goals so far. This tactic is crazy good. I can't wait to see how it goes with some good players. Now just to convince the board to actually give me some money!
  14. I get this as well. Using an Alienware M11x. It cuts off the bottom of a lot of menu screens, including the player instructions screen. I can't adjust the settings for the set pieces instructions unless I'm actually in a game.
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