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  1. Managed to work it out. I had to offer him to other clubs and this then allowed me to offer him a wage when i tried offering him a new contract again.
  2. I understand this happens, but Greenwood at United has United as his favoured club and is glad to be a part of the United set up. He has never felt aggrieved at anything i have done in my 18 months at the club. Last season midway through the campaign i was unable to renew his contract because he wasn't interested in renewing talks..i assumed this would change at the end of the season, but it didn't. I can't even offer him a wage, its just a dash. Now he has under 12 months left and still showing no interest in talks despite showing no obvious signs of discontent and if anything saying how happy he is.
  3. Took over United 18 months into my first game, we were 8th. By the end of the season i had won the champions league and the following season i won the league unbeaten and won the treble. Way too easy.
  4. only la liga is playable, a fair few of Europe is view only.. Large database. But this isn't the issue I don't think? As soon as I open football manager I get a warning saying low on memory? if I fully uninstall the game via steam will I lose my saved games? I thought re-installing might fix it?
  5. Hi, my computer has been force quitting FM14 now because of dangerously low memory, when I check the task manager it says 96% of memory is being used and 547mb of this is used on fm? the second highest being internet explorer currently sitting on 44-50mb? I googled what could be wrong and it says there might be a memory leak somewhere? I bought the product using steam (never again). My computer used to run fine until then - every time I open steam it says downloading update so I don't know what the problem is. Just now I think I had the game open for no more then 2-3 minutes and it quit? I turned the computer on fresh and it happened straight away. Im using windows 8
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