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  1. Help me Please! Sorry if wrong section

    so is my save gone :*(
  2. I've been playing my longest game of FM up to 2019, (long for me) and i got the xml error, i deleted the contents of the settings folder as told when i googled the problem but it still wont let me load my saved file. Earlier saves will load but my most update game wont. Please help as the next save i have is 3 years earlier.. Invested a lot of time into my journey in the game and would really love to get this game back on track. Any help would be very appreciative.
  3. way to fix work permits with FMRTE?

    Worked, cheers, looks like France will have some superstars in the next few years
  4. way to fix work permits with FMRTE?

    awesome thank you sir ill give it a go now
  5. way to fix work permits with FMRTE?

    would france work ??
  6. Found a couple of awesome Regens and wanna cheat and get them to my club after several attempts of signing them and failing with the work permits. Is there anything you can change to fix the work permit problem ??
  7. Game Saves??

    Just wondering if anyone has uploaded any of there game saves, i had a save to 2016 and some how lost it. If anyone has saves after 2013 it be great if you could upload them
  8. The Official FMRTE 2011 Thread

    can you make a takeover happen with the FMRTE???
  9. Just downloaded a training file and just wondering where i put it and how i access it within the game? thanks
  10. Just wondering if there was a way to use the FMRTE to give your club a takeover.. ??
  11. Anyway to get work permit?

    it says register for UEFA on FMRTE could that work?
  12. Anyway to get work permit?

    is there anything on FMRTE you can do? like maybe changing where they were born?
  13. Hey is there anyways to get a work permit for a player perhaps using the FMRTE?? Found two awesome regens and really wanna add them to my team but can not get a work permit... Thanks in Advance
  14. any suggestions on the best tactic and formation for the conference? also any good free agents that will play for a club in the conference. thanks a million
  15. free agents in 10.3?

    Who are the best players to get on a free at the beginning of the game using the 10.3 patch?