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  1. Can I ask if FM Touch worked with the 5se. Thinking of buying one - FM Touch would have to work.
  2. Fantastic season Withnail - and a great read for me given the plight of United in real life. Looking forward to next season, and a good run in Europe. The league will be interesting with The Rangers now promoted. Hopefully you can retain it, but with United I've always found it difficult as your better players are continually lured away by better offers, and would be surprised if Mackay-Stevens and Armstrong stay. I was surprised by he takeover - I've never had it happen, and wonder if your success had anything to do with it? As a side note. Seeing the title of your thread, it occurred to me that I've never read Jim McLeans book - Jousting With Giants, so I ordered it of Amazon and started reading it last night - couldn't put it down!
  3. Good results through November Withnail. I've started many games with United, and have yet to have a takeover, so you should be safe there. How have you managed to hold on to Mackay-Steven, Gauld and Armstrong? Any time I play United they are snapped up really quick by bigger teams!
  4. Just found this. As a lifelong Dundee United fan I'm loving this. I think it's the first Dundee United career game I've seen on the forum, and I will follow it with great interest. Some good signings Withnail316, and some great results.
  5. Just had a thought. If I alter the data as stated above, then get fed up/finish that game, can I go back to the default data easily enough?
  6. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply dllu. After I posted, I got to thinking along the lines of what you initially suggest. I will make an aggressive takeover of Dundee FC by Dundee United, and put the value of Dens Park Stadium into the Dundee United coffers to simulate the sale of the ground. I would have to move all the playing/coaching staff over too, so I can sell any that are surplus to requirements at the start of the season. As you suggest, I would promote clubs to fill the gaps. Sorted. All sounds fine and dandy - just need to find the editor now?
  7. I've played FM for years, bog standard, never changed anything at all. This year however, I have an experiment I'd like to try out, but haven't a clue how to go about it. I'd like to "merge" Dundee and Dundee United in the SPFL to see if a single team in the City of Dundee would be able to challenge the old firm. The average attendance for the teams in 14/15 was 7000 and 8000, so I would like to make the average attendance of the merged team 15,000, just over the capacity of Tannadice Park (Dundee United home ground) Is there any easy way to achieve this in FM16? Edit - I would also hope to "merge" the finances of both teams.
  8. Hi everyone. My first ever post despite playing CM-FM for many years. Every year my save goes like this - manage my beloved Dundee United, get sacked then apply for jobs in the hope that one day I'll get so good that my team will want me back - never happens. :-) This year, in the Beta, I seem to be doing better than usual - perhaps the new shout system works better for me. However I can't get a result against Celtic, and this is where I'm most likely lacking tactically. My specific problem is countering the goal scoring skill of Georgios Samaras, who always manages to grab a couple of goals against me. How do I contain him? I've tried to mark him specifically, but my assistant tells me his marker is getting pulled out of position, which I suspect is not good! Any help would be greatfuly accepted, as I suspect this is the FM where, for me at least, the tactical side makes sense.
  9. Mt AM tells me "player X is used/not used to playing at such a high/low tempo", but when I go to the players instruction page, there is no option to alter his tempo. Do I have to alter the whole team tempo to change this? Thanks in advance.
  10. I've just started a career game for the first time, and wondered if I could ask some advice - I hope this is OK in this forum, apologies if not. I want to play my career in western Europe, and have picked 15 countries, with all their leagues playable. I'm fining it quite slow compared to a UK only game, and wondered if I can use the Add/Remove league option? If I start in the UK with all the other countries view only, will I receive job offers from these vie only leagues?? I'm guessing I would have to add the leagues when I want to move jobs or am sacked, take a job in a country, then remove all other countries to keep the game speed up? Hope someone can help with this, as I've never used the option and am not sure how to get the best out of it.
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