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  1. What would you suggest would be the best setup for defending with let's say a league 1 side? Whereby players have lower decision, positioning and concentration stats?
  2. When will the next release be made as currently the download link is not working. Thanks in advance!
  3. What really annoyed me was the fact we only needed 4pts from our last 2 games if Arsenal were to win there final two matches. First up was Birmingham, we were coasting it 2-0 only to lose 3-2 to a 90 min winner, meanwhile Arsenal were 2-1 down only to come back to win 3-2 with an 89 min equaliser and a 92+4 min winner from Bendtner. Something just smells of foul play given the fact that in Arsenals last match they won 3-0 scoring in the 83rd and 90min after we had got our 5th goal in the 80min. It was like we were destined to not qualify given the way the results went and the timing of the goals and then to be cheated out of the dead heat.
  4. Yes England had 4 CL slots and the CL was won by Lyon and not an English club. Screen shot to follow any minute now.
  5. Okay so after checking the messages in my inbox there sat a message stating that we have been awarded £12.8m for our finishing place in the league (which is for 5th place) along with another message informing us that we have qualified for the Euro Cup. I pressed continue and now it has sent my players on Holiday with no play-off scheduled! I'm sorry but this is very unfair, and as proven above is definately not the way it's supposed to be dealt with. I have taken a screenshot and will post as soon as my internet connection is stable enough.
  6. Playing as Bristol City season 4 in the Premier League we finished the season on 70pts (exactly the same as Arsenal) however going in to the last game of the season we were in 4th place scoring 2 less but conceding 3 less than Arsenal, we won our match 5-3 however Arsenal won 3-0. Now given the fact that now our goal difference is identical the league somehow decided that Arsenal would be placed above ourselves into 4th place. Here is our records: Arsenal W20 D10 L8 F78 A50 Pts70 Bristol cW22 D4 L12 F78 A50 Pts70 Bristol City 3 v 0 Arsenal Arsenal 3 v 0 Bristol City So how is it that Arsenal finished above ourselves? Surely we should have kept our place above them on the amount of games won as there is nothing in Arsenals favour to be placed above us except for A comes before B! (FM11.3)
  7. Congrats on a fantastic tactic however I would not say that this tactic is really 'counter attacking' given the fact it has CA unticked and had a high D Line. With a counter attack tactic the team will play deep and look to break at pace.
  8. Yes it's possible with any side but you're correct in that it's limited as you will find that you do not really control possession due to the nature of our passing.
  9. Sorry my comment may have sound negative, certainly didn't mean it that way but if you're mentality is control this can hardly be acompplished with a very long ball game it just does not work.. Maybe Im wrong but even with your passing set to more direct, am I right to assume that it's still not virtually one of the last few clicks to the right? Point I am making was in a friendly with my Stoke City we played away to Glentoran in a friendly we won 9-0, they had 2 shots all game yet we only managed 47% possession! In all our other friendlies the opposition dominated possession but we still murdered them with our very direct approach and pace going forward, carving out many cc's.
  10. Sounds good but with this setup you're not actually playing a long ball game which is what we were setting out to achieve.
  11. This formation to be used at Home and against sides that play on a short pitch: Attack 442 Philosophy: Very Rigid Strategy: Attacking Passing: More Direct C Freedom: Default Closing Down: Default Tackling: More Aggressive Marking: Zonal Crosses: Float Roaming: Default D Line: Max 20 Push Up Width: 4 Clicks right Narrow Temp: Default TW: Default F Pass: Mixed (this can be changed ingame shouts) Counter: Yes Offsides: Yes Corners: Far Post F Kicks: Best Header and Cross Far Throw Ins: Mix (utilize long throw if you have a quality thrower) GK: Defend LB: Fullback/Defend RB: Fullback/Defend DCl: Limit Defender/Defend DCr: Limit Defender/Cover MCl: Ball Winner/Defend MCr: Box to Box (remove long shots unless he is really good at them) ML: Defensive Winger/Support (remove long shots, cross far post) MR: Defensive Winger/Support (remove long shots and TTBs, Cross Near Post) STl: Advance Forward (remove long shots) STr: Target Man/Attack (TTBs Mix and corners challenge keeper) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This tactic to be used when away from home and to close out leads 442 Defend Philosophy: Very Rigid Strategy: counter Passing: More Direct C Freedom: Default Closing Down: Default Tackling: More Aggressive Marking: Man Marking Crosses: Float Roaming: Default D Line: Degault Width: 4 Clicks right Narrow Temp: 17 3 clicks from very end TW: Sometimes first click F Pass: Mixed (this can be changed ingame shouts) Counter: Yes Offsides: No GK: Defend LB: Fullback/Defend RB: Fullback/Defend (cross aim centre) DCl: Limit Defender/Defend DCr: Limit Defender/Cover MCl: Centre Mid/Defend (remove Long Shots, TTBs Often) MCr: Centre Mid/Defend (remove Long Shots, TTBs Often) ML: Wide Midfielder/Attack (remove long shots, TTBs Often, Cross Mix, cross far post) MR: Wide Midfielder/Attack (remove long shots, Cross Near Post) STl: Advance Forward (remove long shots and TTBs) STr: Target Man/Support (TTBs Often and corners challenge keeper) Let me know what you think of these settings as they have done quite well with Scunthorpe early doors and I am quite confident they will produce decent results with the correct players. I think that the wide midfielders could be tweaked to perform better but I am interested to see what you guys think of these settings.
  12. I would certainly pay close attention to what is going on in the early stages then adjust accordingly if need be. I lost in the playoff final with Bristol City both seasons and it's really not nice so hopefully for you you'll come up trumps! Good luck!
  13. At Scunthorpe we someone with 16 for long throws but I have not yet bothered to set this up. We are scoring lots of goals from set pieces which is effectively how sides who play like the old Wimbledon reply upon. I have had my squad severley depleted with the loss of our big lump at the back Rob Jones (jump 19 6ft 7) and our new recruit on big wages (£7k pw) in midfield. We also are struggling when it comes to fitness due to not really being unable to rotate. We're aiming our corners at the far post and free kicks at the far post and best header which is/was working well. Stats for our big lump Rob Jones Jump 19 Head 15 Pl 8 Scored 2 Assists 3 MoM 2 Av R 7.44
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