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  1. Yeah I might give that a try and see how what happens my only concern though is if I remove the into channels mode, will this mean he stops looking for the space between the FB and DC?
  2. Thing is I am not using an AMC when playing away from home (4132) and I have RFD for my full backs set to often when home and mix when away, either way the striker still seems to run to the flag. I have actually managed to create a very solid defence conceding just 2 goals inside 10 matches whilst using very attacking full backs at the same time, something of which pleasantly surprised me. I just am at a loss at the moment in how to stop these wide runs from happening. Just to clarify, 'Moves into channels' does mean that the striker will look to make runs into the space between the centre
  3. Oh right, just I scoured the thread from page 38 upwards trying to look for the post that I thought you had written about how you had solved it. Seems like I was dreaming Another question though, does this happen with any tactic that plays with a front 2?
  4. Mr Hough I think perhaps you missed my post. I was asking if you had solved the strikers running to the corner flag and if so how?
  5. Mr Hough, in your 41212 tactic when you experienced problems with the strikers both always running away from goal, did you ever get to solving the problem and if so how? Reason why i ask is that I am using a 4132 (dm + flat 3mc) and a 4312 formation and have Neymar set to 'moves into channels' and Necid set as a targetman 'normal'. Noe Neymar seems to enjoy running away from goal heading towards the corner flag when he could clearly make a direct run towards the oppositions goal. I have thought about removing 'moves into channels' but surely this does not count for when he actually has the
  6. 1) How long does it take for a player to retrain to a new positon? For example say my player is natural but I want to retrain him to another position which he is 'Accomplished', how long will it take for this to be successful and do I need to play him in that new position the whole time he is learing? 2) How long does it take for a player to successfully learn a new 'PPM'?
  7. Yeah I understand what you mean with that and I agree. What I was meaning about layoffs, was the simple pass, for example the ball is feed in to Pacheco he has the full back in support who is 10 yards and free but Pacheco because of very low passing stat will mess up his pass or perhaps he has the amc in support who is 5 yards away but he mis-hits his pass due to the low passing stat. That's the kind of thing I was thinking of.. Thank you I have taken all of this on board and will further reduce some clicks so that it concentrates on the main things I need for him. You both have been of
  8. @Dirtyface - I have now adjusted it however I still have more clicks overall and he seems happy with his workload. My question now is this: Would he improve quicker in the areas I want him by having less clicks on other areas or does this not factor in? So for example I have 25 clicks on Tactics and 8 clicks on attacking but if I were to reduce the attacking clicks to say 6 would this mean that his area of improvement would be more beneficial for the tactics?
  9. Thank you for the advice I will look to make a couple of midifications. The reason why I had more clicks for 'Attack' was due to how low the passing and creativity was on my player. Not so much the creativity being an issue as you so rightly stated that I am wanting a pacey poacher however his passing is only 2 and I need this to be at least 11 as he will need to make lay offs. I am unsure if you factured this in so if not what would you suggest?
  10. Thank you for your reply. I had a good read through page 2-3 about the focus and baseline and I think I have a grasp for it. I have just designed a schedule for him before I saw your post, please tell me what you think.. Strength: 12 clicks Aerobics: 15 clicks Goalkeeping: 0 clicks Tactical: 20 clicks Ball Control: 20 clicks Defending: 3 clicks Attacking: 10 clicks Shooting: 12 clicks Set Pieces: 0 clicks I can see that I have given far more clicks to my attacking than what you suggested, the reason being is that I want to greatly increase his passing and his creativity could also
  11. Firstly I like to say I am an avid fan of your threads (Sfraser) and tend to follow your theories within the tactics and am enjoying the game as a result. Now I have been using your training regime however I seem to be a bit fit as I still do not quite understand the parameters that I need to change if I want to develop a player for a certain attribute. I have this young player German Pacheco, he has bags of talent but he has a dreadful first touch, passing and decisions, now I would like to work heavily on his first touch and passing without it being detrimental to his physical stats as you
  12. Who are you and where do you live 'boy'? I think you'll find he means what side are you?
  13. I think their is now 6 tactics if you include the 4132 Hough & JP Woody and then the latest 41212 that people are experiencing indifferent results. Side note.. Has anyone had success using the latest 41212 using a weak Prem side?
  14. 3 AMC's and 1 ST is just as effective as 3 ST's? Id like to dabble with this as I have 3 exciting AMCs that I can no longer use as reverting back to the 4123. Do you know of any solid decent tactics using 3 AMCs? MR Hough have u created any tactics with 3 AMCs?
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