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  1. Who are you? What season? How much money?
  2. First Touch: Overpowered?

    Typically stupid answer.....always 1
  3. Player Ratings

    Again I agree with all that. The players start on 6.4 now before a ball is kicked as they use to start on 7. So I'd agree anything above 6.4 is now a better than average performance!!
  4. arsenal???????????

    well ive witnessed this several times since the 9.20 patch The fact you think Vela, Simpson and Ramsey can just go to bed 1 night and wake up the following morning better than Adebayor, Fabregas and Van Persie is hilarious!!!
  5. arsenal???????????

    This wasnt some off the cuff theory fella. This is like 3 weeks into the 1st season!!
  6. arsenal???????????

    I live in Portsmouth Why are you such a queen and yet have King in your name??
  7. arsenal???????????

    Arsenal have been toned down but in a way which is ridiculous!!! Football manager have really let themselves down n this 1.... I support Arsenal so always keep an eye on there results etc in my saved game but i notice in many of there games there best players are fit but are just dropped completely from not only the starting 11 but the complete squad!! Now id accept this if it was for a carling cup/fa cup game possibly but when i see Arsenal losing away at Middlesbrough without using Fabregas,Adebayor or Van Persie i smell a rat. All were fighting fit and suspension free and were replaced with Simpson, Ramsey and Vela. Like i say if this is a way to make Arsenal less competitive when your playing against them its an absolute disgrace!!!!
  8. mission accomplished here onto the next post....
  9. cant help but take the **** out of pikeys!
  10. £16 ????? Think of the money you would save by buying the game and then not going out because your playing it - once again a no brainer!!!
  11. Not saying you fella but the guy who posted it. I cant have a conversation with some1 like you if you cant read!
  12. Hahaha your joking right? £16 ? ? ? ? Even a paperboy earns this in a week? I'm guessing your on the social which is like 6 times as much as this? leave the smack alone and you could easily afford it!
  13. Its fine them sharing a game but the fella is saying he cant download updates... Absolute no brainer if this is the case - he should buy his own copy case closed!
  14. The games £16 fella ..... loose change to anyone so your the idiot!!