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  1. obvious now cheers what is used for just normal MC?
  2. am going to give your training a try i can guess what most of them are for but what does TGM stand for and is WG wingers? also if your not playing the DMC in that role but you play them MC running back will you still put them in DM training cheers
  3. got a couple of games on the go 1 on my own at Macclesfield at min, 1 with bro in law at Oldham at min, then I have a league with man utd where I try my tactics out on. Playing same tactic on all 4112wide (AMR/AML) 2 play attacking but just 1 click into in short passing but quick play not to quick. play really nice football with all my teams no problem with that but what gets me mad is most games am getting 25 30 shots on goal and about 5 on target and lucky if I score 1. Then if it was early goal I will draw 1-1 or lose 2-1 has anyone had this problem and what you do to sort it out or can anyone help me hit the target more and score the goals I need. I do have my wingers on long shots and thinking of taking them off it but every goal that goes pass me is a long shot so my idea on that is if it works for computer should work of me. Any help welcomed cheers:confused:
  4. The time is coming and i cant wait does anyone no if the FM 2010 demo is out yet or when its coming out it cant be to long no??????????????????????????????
  5. top tweeking redhotwax i have stopped leaking goals started scoring goals and turned draws into wins cheers:D your still a legend Tylerbode.
  6. am using eagle home and away found playing really good football have alot of the ball but wingers cut in a lot and try to shoot and put it wide instead of giving easy ball to forward or midfielder free in middle and i believe if they would pass it we would score alot more goals is there anything i can do or try for my wingers to cut in and pass instead of shoot?
  7. hi tyler can you post links for all your tactics together am using v2 at min only just found your tactic only played couple of game so players need to get use to it but would like to try all to fine out which one works best for me. gettings loads of shots but none on target but hoping when they get use to it they will start hitting target more am farsley in 2nd season in the blue square
  8. Apart from all bugs fixed what would you like in the new FM10 I know it’s still early to think about FM10 but have your say in what’s FM09 is missing 1. I am still a fan of being an ass Manager and control the res, also give feed back to the manager on your players and recommend players to him. 2. You should be able to buy a player and have the option to send him back to the club your getting him from as part of the deal. (Like the man utd deal when they got Ben Foster) 3. Half time and full time team talks you should be able to have both ass man and manager say something to the team and also say things to 1 or 2 players instead of 1 or the other like it is now. 4. When you make subs you should be able to talk to the players you bring on and off tell them what you want them to do or why you took them off. 5. Have a grounds man who looks after the pitch and reports back lets you know if it needs relaying or not the better the grounds man the better the pitch. These are just a couple of my ideas you might like them you might not you also might have your own ideas so just for fun let us know.
  9. just wondering if anyone has any good tactics for scoring and defending corners and freekicks please? :confused:
  10. I am in 2nd season blue square north just built a 21 man squad but forwards not so good need 2 more to make my 23 man squad done this with no money so the catch is i need 2 forwards that will score me goals but cost me nothing can anyone help?
  11. Has anyone tried this tactic on FM 09 yet? going to give it ago with Farsley Celtic in blue square north will let you no how i get on.
  12. yes its on FM 09 cheers for the players will check them out will also put some players on if i find any others that arent already on
  13. I have started a season with Farsley Celtic got an ok 11 when signed new players but I believe there are better out there was wondering if anyone would like to share the wealth and tell me some of their players they have found that would be great signing for blue square Pretty please
  14. Assistant Manager Role?

    for me bring on starting as assistant manager but for them who dont want it why not have something that you have to click on to turn the option off at the start of loading the game up.
  15. Assistant Manager Role?

    I think this would be top start as an assistant and manage the reserve, recommend signing or if players are ready for the step up, go watching players that the manager asks you to and give a report back and when the managr gets a touch line ban you control the 1st team. work your way up to the big gaffer this could open a whole new world of football manager bring it on.