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  1. thundercracker

    FM18 Greenland League and National Team

    I am looking forward to trying this, to be honest mostly to see if Greenland will work as a nation on my pc, after my failed attempts at trying to have a created country play in the Euro qualifiers and Euro Nations League.
  2. thundercracker

    Adding nation to Europe. No EURO 2020 Qualifiers!

    After numerous tests and tweaks to the file I received from @TheGoodRebel, my game kept crashing in December 2019, which i finally just managed to get past. My nation is now playing in both the International League and World Cup qualifiers, but for some reason Euro Championship qualifying still isn't happening. It seems I need to play about more to get this working. Edit: Never mind. I am back to everything crashing on 1st December 2019. I have even tried reinstalling Fm and the editor, but it still doesn't want to get past this date.
  3. thundercracker

    Adding nation to Europe. No EURO 2020 Qualifiers!

    Thanks. I can't wait to get my FM18 game started.
  4. thundercracker

    Adding nation to Europe. No EURO 2020 Qualifiers!

    Was it able to be resolved by using the editor on it's own, or do we need to create some additional xml files?
  5. thundercracker

    Adding nation to Europe. No EURO 2020 Qualifiers!

    Did you manage to find away to resolve this issue? I am having a similar problem of my created Nation only playing in the World Cup qualifiers, but the nation i replaced, in this case Israel, keeps playing in the nations League. I didn't notice until reading this thread that Euro Championship qualifying wasn't played in my game either, yet the tournaments were played in 2020.2024, 2028 and 2032.
  6. It depends on which continent your created nation is in, and if you removed another nation to take it's place. For example on Fm17 I removed Israel, changed the continent they were on to Africa and removed them as a member of FIFA, which allowed my nation to take their place in World Cup qualifying, European Championships qualifying as well as the Nation league. My nation would only play friendlies for the first couple of years until the draw for the 2020 European Championship qualifiers was made. My nation then played in every available qualifying tournament after that, while Israel would only play friendlies. Now on FM18 I transferred my file over to FM17, and while testing it I have found that my created nation does play in World Cup qualifiers, but Israel plays in the new European International League instead of my team. My attempts to rectify this haven't worked. In the advanced rules section of the editor, I see that tournament, it has all 55 teams under 'Registered Teams', but even though i replaced Israel with my created nation, they still play in the tournament instead of mine. i even tried re-entering every nation, with no luck so far.
  7. I really can't believe that the one thing I would need to ask for help about the FM17 editor is so pathetic and should be simple. I cannot get the option to activate squad numbers for my custom nations competitions. I have selected use squad numbers in the competition database, which didn't do anything. Also under the advanced rules section, I have selected uses squad numbers in the competition panel of that league data, but again no squad numbers are appearing in the game. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
  8. thundercracker

    No regens generated in new nation after first season

    I have been having the same problem with newgens, and it sucks to see it is not possible for the likes of CIS to generate newgens. I was hoping to read there was something n the advance editor so select, but obviously not. I left my game holidaying over night to test, and no youth intake what so ever by 2047. Disappointing.
  9. thundercracker

    Can You Add A New South American Nation?

    I can't remember, but I do recall them beating Panama in a group game. I did run a few different games while I kept tweaking or trying new things, so they did play in Copa America at least twice. The first time rock bottom of the group with a goal difference of minus 10.
  10. thundercracker

    Can You Add A New South American Nation?

    It seemed to work the other way round. After leaving the game running on holiday for 8 years, the Falkland Island nation team could only play in the Copa America and friendlies, but were not added to the World Cup qualifiers. Also the club teams did not enter any of the South American club competitions. I didn't think they would, but no harm in trying.
  11. I am looking to add a playable, completely fictional playable Falkland Islands structure to FM16, but as it is my first time trying to create a country in the data editor for a few years, I just wanted to ask a few questions. I know to do this I would need to take an extinct nation to use for the Falklands nation team, but the continent option is greyed out. How do I get around this to set the continent? Secondly I know that it is easier to add a nation to UEFA where the teams to play in international competitions and also play in European club competitions, but with South America being a completely different set up with only 12 nations, would attempting to add a South American nation even work? Thanks.
  12. thundercracker

    New Stadium Not Named After Manager

    Scott McDonald played 492 league games and was at the club for 11 1/2 years. Gary Ashmole played 517 league games and at the club for 17 years. Due to the years of service and number of appearances, I was not sure if there would be some sort of coding that would always name the stadium after players after so many years or appearances, rather than the managers years of service. It is the first time I have ever managed a club for so long and been in the running to have a stadium named after me, that it is gutting that after so many reload attempts my name has not even appeared once. Levigu as for the database, I downloaded a database for the English system all the way down to the lowest leagues I could find. I wanted to the the challenge of taking a team from rock bottom all the way to the top. it took me 23 years to get to the Premier League. I couldn't decide on a team I wanted to manage, so for the sake of loyalty I created my own copying the information of the worst team in the division. I stuck my team on the Isle of Wight, made them semi professional with a starting rep of 500, finances £0, Stadium Capacity 1000 no seating, with a minimum attendance of 1 and a maximum of 32000 (That was taken from attendance from one of Warburys matches from the comic). No players of staff were created. They were all generated at the start of the game. Youth recruitment, facilities etc all started at 0. As I was creating Warbury as my team, I quickly created Melchester Rovers from Roy of the Rovers as a rival club also based on the Isle of Wight, with the same information used to create Warbury. The only real difference was Mel Park had a maximum attendance of 55000, do to finding information from teh comic strip regarding the stadium being that. As Harchester were already in the database I quickly created them though I realised I accidentally made them professional, which maybe why they have finished rock bottom of the division for nearly all 25 seasons. I put all three teams in the North West Counties division, and removed the worst three teams in that division. As you can see below, I really struggled with Non league management.
  13. thundercracker

    New Stadium Not Named After Manager

    I am a legend at the club.
  14. I was just looking for some advice. In my current FM15 game my club I have been managing for 25 years, 1302 matches and taken from the North West Countires Premier Division all the way to the EPL, will not name their new stadium after me. As you can see from the below screen shots that I am one of three club legends, and as an experiment I reloaded the game numerous times but never once have they named the new stadium after me. It is always after McDonald or Ashmole. I could accept that if they had a liked rating with the club, but i used an ingame editor just to check this and we are all 100% loved by the club. Will the club always favour the players over a manager to name their new stadium, or is there something else to take into account that I am missing? I have only won 4 league titles during those promotions and have yet to win a single cup, though most recently lost in the final of the League Cup.