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  1. Cleon at what point do you change your pre-season general training schedule to balance training? For example say I have general training set on team cohesion (very high) during pre-season and I have played my last friendly before the new season starts, how soon do you remove the focus from team cohesion to balance training? My first league game isn't for another 5 days.
  2. Thank you this answers my question. As I now intend to start a brand new save when I get home from work, do I need to delete the beta version from steam i.e delete local content or is it as simple as just adding a new game? This is the first year I've ever played a beta version so not sure whether I need to delete it from my hard-drive before installing my boxed version Thanks
  3. Gutted. Ended up losing the league by 2 points. I wasjoint top with two games to go but drew 2-2 with Everton at home. I went on to beat Burnley away but it wasn't mean to be. I only signed Dele Alli and Tielemans but sent him out on loan immediately. Undecided whether to start from scratch tomorrow when the game is released or continue with my liverpool save.
  4. Not sure where this post goes but I just played a champions league last 16 game against Monaco and ended up losing 5 players all through injury. Luckily I went through on away goal but surely that's a bug?
  5. Anyone signed Will Hughes? I'm sitting nicely at the top of the league after 22 games and looking to bring in a cm to alternate with Gerrard as a dlp. How has Hughes been for folks on here?
  6. Thanks for the feedback. In previous Football Manager releases are there normally data fixes upon release?
  7. I'm having a really good save at the moment but wanted to ask a couple of questions and would appreciate some feedback even if it's been answered already 1) I'm aware that our beta saves will carry on once we update to the full game on release, however is it recommended that you start a new save especially if a patch is released on the same day? If so can you explain why please? 2) Will all the new fixes be included if I decided to continue with my save on the full game release? Thanks
  8. Funny you should say that because Flanagan has only gone and gotten himself sent off lol You're right though I'm not picking up red cards galore.
  9. The one issue I'm having is my players are picking up too many yellow cards. I'm only 15 league games into the season and both Gerrard and Manquillo have picked up 10 yellow cards and are suspended for two league games. I'm considering removing get stuck in but I'm conscious that this instruction has contributed to me doing well.
  10. Thanks Cleon. I managed to get average for each category 2x Strength coaches: 4 stars overall 3x Aerobic coaches: 4 stars overall 3x Tactics coaches: 3.5 stars overall 3x Ball control coaches: 3 stars overall 4x Defending coaches: 5 stars overall 4x Attacking coaches: 3 stars overall 4x Shooting coaches: 3 stars overall 2x Shot stopping coaches: 4.5 stars overall 2x Handling coaches: 4.5 stars overall Questions I would like to ask please are: 1) 3 of my coaches (including myself) are working on 3 different categories. Is this fine? There is no other way I would have been able to get the workload to average otherwise. 2) I've got one of my coaches working on defending but he only has 2.5 stars in that area. However the overall star rating for this category is still 5 stars. Is the latter more important anyway? 3) If I have a coach who's strength is defending and then I put him in another category ie tactics, his star rating would decrease in defending?. Is there anyway around this or is this normal due to them working on more than one category? 4) In terms of number of stars, is 3 stars the minimum I should look to achieve in the overall section for each category?
  11. Cheers for your response mate. I certainly agree about being undone by a ball over the top when pushing higher up the pitch. I'm definitely going to continue using your tactic but with the addition of pushing higher up and closing down. If I see that I'm getting outdone to often with balls over the top then I'll remove the push higher up the pitch instruction but will still keep the closing down instruction as it's an instruction I've always liked.
  12. Mr Rosler I know I shouldn't pick games in isolation but during pre-season and my first game away things went well. Then I faced City at home and wanted to see how good your tactic worked against them so decidedto do a test and saved my game before facing City. I lost two nil and was pretty much outplayed. I restarted it again but picked different personnel. I again lost this time 3-1 and City dominated the game once again.I decided to do one more test by changing the personnel again but the idea this time was to see how I fair in the first half before reverting back to a couple of instructions (if I was on the back foot again) which I noticed is not part of the default. Anyway I was behind 1-0 and pretty much on the back foot for the first 20 minutes. I then decided to include the instruction push higher up the pitch and close down. This is a tactic I've tended to use before using your tactic. The difference was telling. I ended up drawing 1-1 but I dominated possession and the number of times City lost the ball through my pressing was evident.
  13. Thanks mate. I assumed this would be the case. Interested to hear Cleon's opinion to my answer. It's frustrating that most of the areas are heavy because I'm unable to bring more coaches in so is almost impossible to get every area as average.
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