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  1. Has anyone got a decent tactic for the latest patch, no matter what I use I cannot get to work.
  2. What is Kelly like in the game, got high hopes for him irl
  3. Going to give this a go with Liverpool in season 3
  4. I usually use the same 4-3-3 formation but change it to standard/counter Should I go for a different formation or change some players roles slightly?
  5. Cant wait to get home tonight and play, been thinking about tactics and transfers all day at work
  6. I have hit a bad patch of form in March season 2, was 1st in the league, lost to Man U, Arsenal and Chelsea and im now fighting to finidh 4th, I lost the 1st leg of the champions league 2-0 away to inter, might have to come up with a new tactic.
  7. Do you find Enrique lacks real fitness, his condition is allways really low
  8. Scouts say 2.5* in my game I really want Xabi back has anyone tried signing him?
  9. Can anyone recommend a younger/better Charlie Adam who can play the CM DLP role?
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