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  1. Apart from work on the ME I feel there is one major feature that needs to be present. A ''Praise players accordingly'' and ''Scold players accordingly button'' There is nothing more mind numbing than going through that match report screen, right clicking players over 7.3 and praising them for passing well or scoring game after game after game. Not doing so quite simply puts you at a disadvantage in the morale game. The current mechanics of it amount to a cow clicker minigame and is incredibly boring. Its the only reason FMC has any appeal to me, but losing *all* the other features is simply too much. Please rethink the way it currently is.
  2. I'm not just looking at the stats of course, I didnt stop evolving my play after the first TT&F came out - I read all the ones afterwards and read most of the interesting threads on the tactical forums every year to see how people are setting up their tactics. What I am referring to is how there is an overwhelming amount of (mis)information being directed towards the user. Lets take it 4 years back - If my team was creating too many chances and missing CCCs the answer was 90% of the time reduce the tempo - less, better chances with more conversion. Maybe increase the width to create more space in the channels or drop deeper to stretch space vertically. The problem is all the feedback I've been taught to use over the years of playing FM is telling me my tactics are fine. I have no confidence when I make a instruction change 90% of the time cause I have no idea what the effect will be - and I've been playing this game since CM 98 - and I've never felt this way before. All im asking is... Why does the ME no longer provide accurate feedback on user tactics? I guarantee you at least a 50% drop in the amount of whine posts if all these users stop creating CCCs with their ''****'' tactics that are never getting converted. If im not creating chances im not going to the forums - Im putting my head down in the tactical part of the game and working it out until I see some good chances being created. The problem arises when the user has a tactic that seemingly controls the match and creates chances but doesent convert and gets spanked by an opponent with 5 times less shots than they have, over and over again.
  3. I remember back in the days of the first TT&F and how we were taught to read the match engine and use the match stats to our benefit in reading the game. It used to be that I could read the stats and see that my team is dominating possession, having good passing completion across defense all the way to final third, are creating 2-3-4 CCC per match, having a good tackle and decent cross rate... I could even look at the heat maps to make sure space is being created and used optimally.. I'd say reading off those stats that my tactics are working fine - were passing the ball well, creating chances, solid defensively. I'd be wrong though. Apparently all those stats mean I cant get a grip tactically because my team never converts even 30% of those CCCs and my opponent scores from his 3 shots per game while my 30-odd shots are all just visual representations of my tactical failures manifesting themselves in the ME. Fine. If all the mods and SI people want to maintain that none of us have any tactical know-how and we all play 2 APa in the MC positions of a 4-2-3-1 - thats fine - Can we at least get the ME to properly display a **** tactic then? As in, can I not dominate possession, create CCCs and have 90% of the attacking highlights in the match if my tactics are indeed ****?
  4. I've been playing 4-2-3-1 as Arsenal - doing okay but terrible football despite the fact its the system i play every year and can handle basic tactical adjustments just fine. Basically I cant get the team playing the way I used to be able to every year without a problem. Then I did some browsing and tried a regular 4-4-2 with a TM - suddenly those same players turned into world beaters and I might as well have not been paying attention to most of the matches I played. Quit after a few ez wins. Waiting for a patch I guess - Its utterly pointless to go back to the system I want to play when the game clearly cant reproduce it and the go-to answer online is: ''its your tactics bruv''
  5. Like most, I've been having a terrible CCC to goals ratio. Most games I'll see something like 4-5 CCC and 5-6 half chances but only 1 will go in if that - this over 20 or so games I've played since the update. And holy **** defender ratings need to get sorted. Top 10 players in EPL are 4 CBs 4 FBs 1 AM and 1 FC. Match engine seems much improved apart from the scoring issues. My defense still falls asleep here and there. Opposing Goal Kick fell just in front of my back 4 who stood in place watching the ball as opposing FC ran from 15 meters away completely unmarked to pick up the ''loose ball'' 3 meters away from my defense chillin out.
  6. Considerably slower than FM12 here, running 5 leagues, 50k players and its making me seriously consider cancelling the other leagues, its never dragged along this slow for me. intel core2quad q9550 oc'd @ 3.4 ghz 4 gigs ram
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