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  1. I'm still playing FM10 but I've found the "Try to round keeper" to be quite useful and nowadays always train the strikers to use this. Obviously they will not do it every time they get a one-on-one but they're a lot more effective than without it. /JB
  2. Tried it with Spurs and getting close to the end of pre-season and I haven't had any interest in or bids for any of my players, has it become harder to sell again? I also managed to make all four strikers upset in the first couple of days, I think the new interaction will make it hard to keep the squad happy.
  3. Can't TV money come from abroad then? E.g. here in Sweden English football has been very popular for as long as I can remember and I very much doubt that the TV stations over here can broadcast it for free...so what I'm trying to say is that if a league is popular (high league reputation) then the population of that country should not be a factor. /JB
  4. Interesting Fixture List

    Can it be that the games have been moved earlier due to European Cups or when players are away on internationals? /JB
  5. I also really enjoy FM2010 because of the tactics creator. I never took the time to understand the sliders completely and had to rely on downloaded tactics (thanks Knap!) in the earlier versions but at the end it didn't feel like I had acomplished anything as it wasn't my own tactics that did the trick. /JB
  6. Fantastic season you got there, 0.5 against on average is probably quite hard to beat not to mention the 156 goals scored! Keep it up, JB
  7. That's what I do too but this time I was a bit short of cash and could not meet his demands so off he went eventhough he signed a new contract less than 6 months ago...
  8. Why is it so easy to lose/steal coaches? They have contracts just like the players have but if they agree terms with a club that approaches him there's nothing the club can do to stop it. Shall it really be this way? Why have contracts at all in that case? At least I as club should be able to negotiate the compensation fee. /JB
  9. +1 And I also wonder who decides how this game is "intended to be played" because I might not be following that and as it seems to upset people quite a bit here I obviously want to correct that. /JB
  10. Because you were England...
  11. World\Major Clubs\Europe (just assuming Europe...) then look just below the little map in the top left corner and you will find "coefficients" /JB
  12. I might be mixing this up but I seem to get this lack of harmony when I don't fine players that get red cards. So nowadays I always fine the player 1 weeks salary if he gets sent off, sometimes 2 weeks if it was a stupid sending off in an important game. /JB
  13. This is a nice new addition to FM10 and I've seen that the clauses that you can sell are often rather good deals so I've used this feature a lot! /JB
  14. Hi Tom, as you've already noticed you get your transfer budget a bit later in the Spanish league than what you're used to in the Premiership. I've been confused about this too and it cripples you a little bit as you're always a couple of weeks behind the big guns of England. /JB
  15. Are you the one trying to buy the player and the selling team comes back with a lower price than what you offered in the first place? If that's the case I've never seen it in my 20 years of CM/FM, only the total opposite... /JB