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  1. Vegy

    What am I doing wrong?

    It depends on the team you are and players you are offering. Im Liverpool and managed to sell Lucas and Dossena for 9.75m each after offering them without transer listing them. Also sold vorinin for 3.1 m.
  2. Veloso from sporting if you start low and work up in your bids.
  3. well I think this is a realistic amount. I think winning competitions will be the only way to have a decent amount to spend in the second season. I also add it must be hard to set the chairmans status as the club is for sale and then it isnt!!
  4. I sold lucas, degen, voronin, dossena . Brought in veloso and pavlyunchenko on loan for 3.7mill and currently top of league with 3 games to go
  5. Vegy

    your age for playing FM

    Im 30 and have been playing since the start, played for 2 hours at a friends and thats it. I have also had every version
  6. Post office staff should thank themselves lucky they have jobs, many dont at the minute
  7. Vegy

    Chuffed with the Demo

    I agree, the demo looks sweet, however i will hold off for a few days to buy it. This is just to make sure i can play the game right away after parting with my money, which i couldnt last year.
  8. Im playing with Liverpool and I win most games, at the moment i am just playing games and not going indepth. I think with a big club momentum will carry you through, because of better players etc. If i play with a smaller club i could see the need to swap and change thinks to suit the opponents. Id say Si have it about right with a big club the game will be easier and tactics and team selection will be important agaisnt other big clubs, Maybe when the full game is out i will try to play as a llower league team and earn the right to manage a big club instead of jumping straight in.
  9. I am impressed with this demo, however 6 months of game time is too little to highlight any bugs. I am confident that the testing has been very stringent this year. I will be buying this game, but from personal choice if will be a few days after release, just because i had a few problems with the process last year. Well done Si it looks a good game
  10. I will wait for the demo, then play it at normal speed for me. Half a season still wont show up any problems. I have become wary after buying on release day>
  11. In 2 weeks we will only see the glossy stuff and not get a full view of the game!
  12. If the demo is only available 2 weeks before the full release then i wil wait till december before i buy this game! 2 weeks for the demo, would that give you chance to play half a season properly. No i dont think so. This game will be full of bugs, so hang fire till december to avoid them.
  13. Is there a demo for the new Fm, or will there be one soon as i would like to try before i buy. Thanks if anyone can let me know.
  14. Vegy

    Expanding my Stadium

    Yeah already got that, cheers.:confused:
  15. Vegy

    Clubs Favoured Personnel

    Snap, ive won 4 leagues 2 champs league, 2 world clubs, 3 Fa cups. Not even a fav person?!. What more do I have to do? I'm happier after 9.0.3 though, just some little problems now