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  1. Now there has been a increase to have 9 subs on the bench will there be an update to have this in the game unless it is already?
  2. If it goes to VAR to check goals it’s always goals disallowed every single time. It was the same on fm20. Needs to be like when it checks pens, varied.
  3. VAR when checking goals needs fixing because every time it’s goal disallowed. At least when checking pens it can vary not much but a few times.
  4. Maybe Adama is too then. You’d think it would be where contract info is or at least say promises none.
  5. Looked there but didn’t see any. Usually I don’t add promises especially for preferred position because they might not play there.
  6. ME is good but one on ones 99% of the time results in a goal and shots at close range. Keeper just stands there. Do love the little dinks over the keeper though.
  7. Anyone tried buying a player who has been transfer listed with an asking price but you try to pay it and the club want more?
  8. He played 30 games with rating of 7.13 and never complained once until the end of the season. Is there anywhere to check about this promise? I know he signed to play as a impact sup but did much better than I thought he would so he got more games. The problem was the questions. Whichever answer I chose was gonna annoy him which then annoys me.
  9. This just seriously annoys me. Adama traore has played 30 games as right midfielder and done well with no complaints but come the end of the season he’s unhappy at my failure to play him in his preferred position as right winger. Because the questions were so limiting there was nothing I could say that wouldn’t annoy him which is what happened and now he wants to leave. happens far too often. This part of the game is just not good at all.
  10. I tend to ignore the advice. Telling me to sub a player after 30mins is just crazy. I’d like to turn it off.
  11. This would have looked much better if the picture had people in it like you see in real life.
  12. One of the things that thought needed a overhaul was communication side between player and manager. It’s always been poor and that doesn’t seem to have changed. It’s far to easy to upset players. Example, my centre back is jaded so I said I’ll rest you for 2 weeks but he said I’m fine so I suggested the next match and he replied I quote to be honest I’m still a little offended you would ask, and I’m not sure I trust you not to do it anyway. This happens far to often.
  13. Bit of an issue. Some panels I open are partly offscreen so I can’t click the buttons.
  14. So what are the chances of me waking up in the morning to the beta?
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