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  1. Ok I've Played first few games on my iPad pro and so far very impressed. Everything runs smoothly especially the ME. Whether that is still the case after 20 seasons is another matter. Using the pencil is nice. Beats having fingerprints all over the screen.
  2. Finally got my iPad Pro and the pencil. Just bought FMT so I'll see how it runs. Like pad so far though.
  3. Well my current tablet I've had around 2 years but its starting show its age. If ipad can last more than 3 then I'll be happy. I did read that sound on it is very good indeed. Since the new FMT won't be until around nov i might get the latest one to see what its like.
  4. I hope the new FMT runs just as smooth. Ive ordered the 64gb version. Is that gonna be ok or should i have got 128?
  5. Went into currys to look at the 12.9 version and bought it on buy now pay in 6 months. Unfortunately i won't get to use it until at around mid week because it was out of stock. Not sure what to expect when i do get it because I've never owned an ipad of any kind. Told guy dealing with me i wanted to play FMT and he said he has it and it runs everything silky smooth so hope he's right and not just FMT.
  6. Do matches run smoothly? I have Samsung galaxy note pro 12.2 and FMT 2016 was unplayable so could only play in 2D. Didn't bother with new FMT. Looking at 3 tablets i might get. Last year's surface pro, the new surface pro or an iPad not sure which is the best to get.
  7. Is FMT still worth getting? Not sure how smooth matches will run on my tablet in 2D, 3D definitely won't run because even last years it struggled. Tablet is samsung galaxy note pro 12.2.
  8. I think the i5 is £200 more. didn't know if it was worth it or how much of an upgrade it would be from my Samsung galaxy note pro 12.2.
  9. Would fm run smoothly on this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Microsoft-Surface-12-3-Inch-Tablet-Keyboard/dp/B01M6WE99Q/ref=sr_1_6?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1480178934&sr=1-6&keywords=microsoft+surface+pro+4
  10. I've not yet got FMT17. does anyone have Samsung galaxy note pro 12.2 and if so how does it run. I played FMT16 on it and it was ok although 3D engine didn't run great which did surprise me because it's wasn't exactly a cheap tablet. I had to use 2D. I'd assume it would be the same with this.
  11. What is the maximum money you can give a club?
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