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  1. Just got to say mate well done! It's a great tactic, far superior to anything I've managed to conjure up myself and some fantastic football being played! Seems susceptible to direct football but I guess that's the trade off to playing high up the pitch and I hate having to have two defensive cm's but still congrats
  2. hi In first season have signed kerrison and cardozo p9 W4 d4 l1 just wanted to know what experiences people have had with nacho gonzalez as he has been awesome for me 5 goals and 4 assists already! Is he worth signing on a permenant basis?
  3. hi I have downloaded tbd 1st patch but cannot install it it comes up with error cannot read block 149 what does this mean and what am I doing wrong? Thanks
  4. Fmrte

    ok ta very much will do thanks
  5. Fmrte

    hi searched but couldn't find a similar problem! When I load my game on fmrte thee is an error saying it couldn't load player data? does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks