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  1. Good advice - could make it quite an interesting save travelling across Asia for a few years. Never down it before To be honest,I quite like LLM saves so wouldnt be opposed to starting in non league England, but ultimately want to b edeveloping my own youth players, so want to be progressing to a decent club with the prospect of developing strong youth facilities at some point. Don't mind struggling for a decade or so mind
  2. Thanks Cougar - I suspected that it would be considered a fairly low level. I'm quite happy with that though Was it a struggle to be successful? Despite the low league standing they have some pretty large stadiums out there
  3. I'm looking at starting career save in FM17 in Malaysia before working my way up the leagues somewhere in Europe. I've never done it before, but I was intrigued to find out more about the general level of the Malaysian Super League. If I manage there and do OK, what level could be considered the next step? e.g. conference south? conference?
  4. I'm a Spurs fan so I normally give then a run in the Beta. Allows me to play with my fav players and check out how they rate some of the younger stars After the first update I then switch to a career save; typically UK lower league or Dutch lower league. This year I am going to start my first career save from Malaysia and see how my career progresses, with a view to promoting players from the youth team
  5. Have never seen this and Ive played 20 years i in some cases
  6. I always sign the youth players, even when managing at lower levels. You're likely to have less efficient staff at lower league level, so their opinion won't always be accurate It's also surprising what first team football can do for a players development
  7. Haha no worries, thanks for your help
  8. Ive fixed it! Try this: Preferences > Interfacce > Rendering Mode > Software
  9. Thanks for this but hasn't worked. Badges, shirts etc all have pixelated black outline still despite deleting cache :s
  10. Tried that but not working :s Im using a Mac, would that make a difference?
  11. Ive clicked that button but doesnt seem to have done the job? Is it a simple matter of doing that or is it more invoved?
  12. I've got that too - ruining the look of the game. Looks pixelated. Does anyone know how this can be resolved?
  13. Just trying to establish if this is an issue just for me or for all. I have a high performing MacBook but the club badges all have a black outline and seem pixelated - certainly not up to FM's previously graphic standards. I believe I am using the most recent version via steam (v4.1.2) Does anyone else have this?
  14. So how do you update from the beta to the full game on steam?