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  1. Haha no worries, thanks for your help
  2. Ive fixed it! Try this: Preferences > Interfacce > Rendering Mode > Software
  3. Thanks for this but hasn't worked. Badges, shirts etc all have pixelated black outline still despite deleting cache :s
  4. Tried that but not working :s Im using a Mac, would that make a difference?
  5. Ive clicked that button but doesnt seem to have done the job? Is it a simple matter of doing that or is it more invoved?
  6. I've got that too - ruining the look of the game. Looks pixelated. Does anyone know how this can be resolved?
  7. Just trying to establish if this is an issue just for me or for all. I have a high performing MacBook but the club badges all have a black outline and seem pixelated - certainly not up to FM's previously graphic standards. I believe I am using the most recent version via steam (v4.1.2) Does anyone else have this?
  8. So how do you update from the beta to the full game on steam?
  9. It's a complete pain. I once took over Genoa a fair few seasons in and I had the big clubs circulating all over my young stars. Even high transfer values didn't deter them- I was rejecting offers every day! I can see the benefit if I am a small club desperate for cash...but surley the big clubs like AC Milan, Inter, Rome (etc.) can afford to pay the whole transfer fee?! Personally I like owning all of the rights to the player - if he's good I'll take all glory and if bad I'll take the blame. Live by the sword, die by the sword!
  10. You can normally tell them that they are backup for the first team and that you are the manager.....yada yada yada....
  11. What are we looking at exactly?
  12. Don't know about this - I am Spurs and have had a fairly solid if unspectacular start, beating Everton but losing to Stoke. Spurs have a team in the game that could (in theory with luck and form) challenge for the title so is it really that much of a surprise? Don't think its a bug myself With regards to the demo, I use it to get used to the new features & interfaces with my favourite club (Spurs) and then when the 'full' game is released I settle into a career game, starting at a lower level. I find theres no point immersing myself into a lower level career save when it will end in Jan - Not long to go now though
  13. To be honest, how many players actually score free kicks nowadays? i know a few from Rooney and Baines have scored a few over the last couple of years and I have seen a few decent ones on the football league show, but it is a dying art . Certainly not something to stop me buying the game.... Especially since I see them go in now and then n the game too :s
  14. I signed Tevez for Spurs in the demo for 13.75m. He is on 170k I think, has a 5m minimum release clause and a 50% annual salary rise...........i wouldnt do this in the full/real game but as it's the demo I will live it up like an oil tycoon
  15. I normally try and blood the youngsters as early as possible, letting them experience the early rounds of the cups (domestic and european if lucky) and coming off the bench as soon as possible if in winnable positions. Hopefully some of the youngsterswill who enough promise to get ahead some of the more senior pros so I then have to decide who to play - normally rotate. Often, if a youngster is getting less games (either due to lack of form or me going out of the cups) , I will send them out on loan to get some 1st team action. Depending how young they are I try to do a similar thing to Sir Alex at Man Utd with Tom Cleverly, by loaning them out and giving them experience of different levels of the football league ie. league 1 for a year, then next year the championship, then the Prem) etc.