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  1. Didier Drogba became Portsmouth manager in 2019, and is still there. His only job. Henry and Ribery managed France and Bayern Munich respectively. Then swapped jobs. Ribery is still at Bayern, but Henry got fired, and disappeared. Gourcuff is a First Team coach at Stade Rennais. Sakho works for me as a coach, along with quite a few lesser known players. Kryvtsov who was my centre back for 15 years now manages Ukraine. Moussa Sissoko (Toulouse player), is Toulouse manager. Samir Nasri manages Anderlecht (who are a major European team currently) Flamini manages at Stade Lavollois. Philip Mexes manages Parma. Veira was a coach at various clubs, but has retired now. I think that's it for players remotely famous in real life today.
  2. Well I'm playing in France (2033), with no other leagues loaded, so most of the famous players from the Premiership say "Definitely staying in the game", then leave (Rooney, Giggs, Lampard, Terry, Gerrard, Torres to name a few). However, I will have a look around and let you know who's about!
  3. Defence Force (Trinidad) Sugar Boys (British Virgin Isles) Sexdrega (Sweden) Thai Police (Thailand) Cockhill (Ireland) Cockburn City (Australia) Wankie (Zimbabwe) They're all in the database, whether any of them are playable or not I don't know. My favourite of them being Cockburn City, I'm sure its a lovely place, but I won't be visiting anytime soon!
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