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  1. It sure did, and the technical stats are more than average in my team. Using Mr.Hough 4-1-2-3, I haven't lost a single match in last season, only 3 or 4 draws At the end of the season, I was about 40 points ahead the second team in Serie A, winning most matches like 4-0 or 5-1, and also easily dominated Champions League
  2. I've dusted my old FM11 save with my greatest team I ever made (Avellino ), and I've notticed that I somewhat subconsciously focus on the physical side of my players. I hate when my players are slow, weak or tired after 10 minutes of game - so I always bought players with good physical stats. But I look on my first XI and noticed, that my team is a athlete, sprinter, heavy weightlifting, marathon running monster creation The mental and technical stats of my team is good, but not as physical side, so I think I would rename my team to FC Hulk This is my starting XI physical stats, playing 4-1-2-3 So, a question for other people. Do you focus on one aspect of your team like mental or technical or it doesn't matter for you ?
  3. Most hated line in FM

    "This is his first goal of the season/year/decade/entire football career!" - it really ***** me off ! And always against my team...
  4. Yup, it's the best thread on this forum ! Also read through all the pages and it motivated me to start a similar career Keep up the good work !
  5. Maybe the youtube replay is lacking in quality and too fast, but it definitely hits the post - I've watched the goal in other cameras and way slower, the GK moved but didn't touch the ball
  6. [video=youtube;3iqQ9s7IXlA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iqQ9s7IXlA This is probably the weirdest goal scored in FM, sadly against my team (I was Leeds). How come the ball goes in the net after hitting the outer side of the post ? Sometimes the match engine amuses me
  7. Sorry, but for me this tactic isn't any as good as the famous 10.3 version OR even the last 11.2. Don't know what's the problem, the tactic or the patch ? I've played 3 seasons with a italian C2 team and marched all the way to Serie B without any problems with on the patch 11.2 and your tactic for it. At the half of season in Serie B, I installed the 11.3 patch and used your new tactics - and I started to have big problems getting results like on the previous version. My strikers constantly shoot at the keeper, defence is leaky as hell, I'm loosing too much goals from set pieces. I've managed to promote the team to Serie A, but now I'm getting battered even by the weakest teams... And to think, that on the 11.2 with your tactic I managed to win the SPL with Real Sociedad in the first season, with a really weak team.
  8. How is the TV money in Iceland now ? And also, how much prize money for finishing place in the league ?
  9. [FM11] Cymru fo am byth! (Prestatyn)

    Great thread ! Keep up the good work But could you post a screenshot with the prize money for finishing place in the WPL ? The one in the "rules" tab ? I'm just curious about the amount of money for each finishing place
  10. Hello ! I haven't seen a thread like this, so here it goes: Did someone managed to take a low rated/obscure league ( for example Welsh Premiership ) to became one of the best leagues in the world, by constantly having good results with a team in the league and other continental competitions, thanks to the dynamic league reputation ? I'm trying to do this in Wales, but there is a looong way to acomplish this. So I'm wondering, did anybody actually managed to do such a thing ? I'm curious about increase in the TV money and the finishing place money, can it get so much,for example, like in the EPL ? Any feedback or screenshots would be appreciated
  11. I always thought he was quality defender