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  1. i will have to slow my games down and see if i can spot that and or play some of them fully not the faster goals only style lol
  2. Ah nice seafire now the task of adding new lines? no these don't work in 14 as this is a whole new way of coding there is or was a pack for 14
  3. Cheers for the update i assume its the [[ and ]] errors fixed but what else?
  4. what's the difference between "game" and "rprt" game = what is shown in game live rprt = report what is seen when reading game report other 3 not too sure
  5. cheers for the release i will test at some point tonight hopefully, so to hear of the loss
  6. [Request] Flex 15?

    I'm also not making it either also no requests.
  7. [RELEASED] NPT&C 2015 (new turf textures for FM15)

    Merry Christmas and thanks for the new update
  8. [RELEASED] NPT&C 2015 (new turf textures for FM15)

    Oooh keep us updated
  9. Important: Skins in FM15.2

    all skins go this error you found a fix?
  10. Flex Skin for FM15 please!

    Ah i remember working on that skin a long time ago, as fm has changed so much the skins have to change
  11. [RELEASED] NPT&C 2015 (new turf textures for FM15)

    Cheers for the new update
  12. [FM14] Nik33's FM14 Data Packs

    Latest pack can be found here http://www.fmgreece.gr/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=402&t=41141
  13. [fm15] [released] stadium graphics/banners for 3d match engine

    time to test them in game now cheers for the reply looking forward to even more updates if you have the time
  14. [fm15] [released] stadium graphics/banners for 3d match engine

    Really nice looking these, not sure if this has been asked before but if and when the new adboards release from tv_capper is released will this be invalid or updated with that pack?
  15. [RELEASED] NPT&C 2015 (new turf textures for FM15)

    library > Application support > Steam > steamapps >common > Football Manager 2015\data\sigfx\mesh I think that is where it can be found