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  1. Urgent - a favour please!

    BUMP Thank you all for signing. There has been a huge increase in signatures over the last 24 hours. We can reach this target. Please if you haven't signed take 30 seconds out of your day to sign or I will make Luis Suarez rubbish for FM2013!
  2. Urgent - a favour please!

    No - could someone help with that please? Deadline is tomorrow night I think thanks everyone who takes the time to sign
  3. Urgent - a favour please!

    BUMP Come on everyone - Miles has been tweeting a request for signatures Make sure you look for the email confirmation and click on it too!
  4. Urgent - a favour please!

    Many thanks
  5. I know this is the wrong thread, but please move it after tomorrow. For all british based readers Please can you all sign this petition for me and then click on the email you will receive. This needs doing today please! This is another petition to do with Hillsborough but rather than the main campaign relates to one Mum who was lied to. Kevin Williams was 15 when he died, he went to a football match and did not come home. The coroner put a 3.15 p.m. cut off point stating that all fans had died at this point.. Anne Williams found out that Kevin would not have died by 3.15 p.m. and could have been saved. An off duty police officer found Kevin and found he had a pulse at 3.37pm. After resuscitation Kevin's ribs started to move so an ambulance was shouted. The ambulance would not stop. 43 Ambulances were held outside the ground, only one was let in. At 4pm Kevin opened his eyes, murmured the word "Mum", slumped back and died in her arms. Evidence has been suppressed, statements have been changed. The police officer was ordered to amend her signed statement. There has never been a full inquiry into how Kevin died. Why weren’t ambulances allowed in? Kevin’s Mum deserves an inquest so please sign the petition for me. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/19149 thanks Paul
  6. FM12 Liverpool F.C Thread - Victory is upon us.

    If that wasn't changed (I thought I had) then it's an error to fix. Where is this idea that I don't watch reserve games?
  7. Fernando Torres' Loyalty Rating

    Bottom line is that that the file was submitted way before deadline day at a time when Torres has reaffirmed his love for Liverpool! We couldn't predict what the judas **** would do! And obviously with the deadline day aspect meant we had loads of other changes to do which meant this one stat wouldn't have been reviewed as overall there were more important things to do.
  8. Raheem Sterling Database

    You are talking out of your bottom frankly. For some you have listed they have not been in FM before this version so how can you criticise? The reality is that some of them were actually in our database and their profiles were being reviewed as time went on.
  9. Raheem Sterling Database

    Research for any kid is hard, and also our data gets cut to fit in with the FM deadlines etc. Typically I would track a player like this: He's an U16 player who I have never seen but I read the name mentioned. I keep an eye out for match reports or from those who might have seen him. I then try to pin down a position -this is very hard at youth level as players are moved around an awful lot. Then when in the Academy I might get to see him play. its easier for Liverpool as many of our games are televised either by highlights of FAYC games are live. Now this 16 year old may be a sub initially and over a few games it might be hard to assess him. What we do is to try and work out how he fits in with the rest of the squad so I can give him a preliminary CA. We also spot some of the big attributes - ie is he quick and small, or big and slow, or dirty, or skilfull etc. We can then set some of the stats that reflect their style but we can't be sure. it is only over the course of a year or longer that we can fill in the gaps and of course in that time they may improve or they may not. We try to be cautious about handing out high -PAs and having to adjust them but it takes time. the problem with kids of course is that for the new intake we will submit our files say in August and not have seen player x. By the time the game comes out in November we know a bit more and by Patch 3 we think we know them pretty well. Its not easy!
  10. Utter rubbish. You have no idea of the passion from us researchers at the bottom, the SI employees and all the way up to the likes of Miles.
  11. Players to look for in next patch

    Not permitted sorry, he is still at school
  12. Players to look for in next patch

    10 characters......
  13. Agreed price of £1

    if you look in the data issues thread you will see it was an error -whoops!
  14. Give it a rest. You are getting boring now moaning about something you haven't even played