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  1. As in made a couple of changes in the game (eg. contract offers, tactical changes, etc.) so that the game is worth saving and quitting. In hindsight it's not a useful piece of info.
  2. I updated and restarted my Steam client yesterday after playing some FM, however when I attempted to load my most recent saved game I got the error message 'The save game could not be loaded.' After reading previous threads with this error I guessed that my pre-updated Steam saves were now lost, so I thought I would start a new game to see if the error still occurred and when I started a new game, made a couple of changes and then saved and quit, it was also broken when I tried to load it back up again. Is this an issue with the updated Steam client or is there something my Mac is doing when I save a game and then quit which is corrupting the save files? If anyone needs any extra info that would help identify the problem I'll do my best to provide it.
  3. Peter Beagrie has joined non-league side Bathgate Thistle in Scotland. Sadly, two men have already called it a day. Nick Adam of Australia and David Ginsberg of Israel have retired. I hope they are isolated cases, however I worry they may not be.
  4. By February, many more players have moved around. Edoardo Lorenzo and Steve Duffy have both moved on already to Inter and Liverpool respectively. Kevin O'Harper has gone to Arbroath, Elliott Talbott and Mike Nevo both go to the Minnesota Stars. Beniamin Cojocaru moved to Vit. Setúbal, and Vit. Guimarães have signed Herring-Herring Herring-etc. Finally, Sebastian Martinez will move to Maritimo in 2013, but once again due to being South American, he will have to wait. Goal tallies will be coming up in May 2012.
  5. At the beginning of November, no new players have been signed and I'm going to sleep. There will be a new update soon.
  6. Three more signings! Bobby Nolan has gone to Sporting Lisbon, Omar Brown joins American amateurs, Western Mass Pioneers and Gypsum Fantastic joins Scottish side Arbroath. Still quite a few players who are yet to be signed up so far!
  7. Will all trials being rejected, only Steven Kemp has signed a contract, with Portuguese outfit Académica.
  8. Im sorry its too late, but it was open for about a month so I gave people time. Next time
  9. Another quick update. Nick Adam scored his first goal for the Australian U20s in the U20s World Cup. Gypsum Fantastic and Peter Beagrie have gone on trial with St. Mirren and Dundee Utd respectively, and finally Jack Crane has joined Tranmere Rovers.
  10. Three more players have been signed up before August! Robin Switzmann has made the move to Leeds, Ivan Cordoba will join Gimnàstic in 2013 due to the South American age rule, and Sercan Cali will join BUGSAS Spor in Turkey.
  11. In the next week of July, we see El Chuncho move to Académica in Portugal, however, he will join in 2013 due to his age and rules on Chilean youngsters leaving the country. Also, Steve Duffy has been signed by Inverness CT in the SPL, Edoardo Lorenzo will be starting his career with Nocerina in Italy and finally Adao Nunes is going to be wearing a Benfica shirt this season. The updates will be short and frequent for the opening transfer window, but after that they will just be every six months or so.
  12. The first signing has been made! Ross Carmichael has snubbed Wycombe and Southend to move to Crawley Town! In other news, El Chuncho has rejected Unión San Felipe and Kevin O'Harper has rejected Dundee Utd.
  13. Welcome one and all! I have finally gotten round to creating the database and after some testing, it begins! Here are the initial interests from clubs for all of you: Adao Nunes - Major Interest: Gil Vicente, Penafiel, SLB, Vit. Guimarães, Vit. Setúbal Kevin O'Harper - Minor Interest: Dundee Utd, Inverness CT, St. Mirren Ooocha Luchaa - Minor Interest: Académica, Nacional (AM) Ross Carmichael - Major Interest: Colchester, Crawley, Sheff Wed, Southend, Tranmere, Wycombe Thor Odinson - Major Interest: Vit. Guimarães / Minor Interest: Vit. Setúbal Elliott Talbott - Major Interest: San Antonio Scorpions Jack Crane - Major Interest: Bournemouth, Brentford, Colchester, Crawley, Leeds, Peterborough, Sheff Wed Orwell Samuels - Minor Interest: Académica Harold Kumar - No interest Gypsum Fantastic - Major Interest: St. Mirren / Minor Interest: Dundee Utd Edoardo Lorenzo - Major Interest: Grosseto, Nocerino, Virtus Lanciano Steven Kemp - Minor Interest: Académica Jake Stothard - Minor Interest: Vit. Guimarães, Vit. Setúbal Beniamin Cojocaru - Minor Interest: Vit. Setúbal Nick Adam - No interest Herring-Herring Herring-Herring-Herring - Minor Interest: Académica, Vit. Guimarães, Vit. Setúbal Omar Brown - No interest David Antos - Minor Interest: Vit. Setúbal Sercan Cali - Major Interest: B. Sekerspor, Iskenderun DÇ, Ofspor, Tepecikspor, Tokatspor David Ginsberg - No interest Ivan Cordoba - Major Interest: Sportivo Belgrano Sebastian Martinez - Major Interest: Académica Robin Switzmann - Major Interest: Bournemouth, Brentford, Colchester, Crawley, Leeds, Peterborough, Sheff Wed Bill Ding - Major Interest: San Antonio Scorpions Matin Marquez - Major Interest: Vit Guimarães / Minor Interest: Vit. Setúbal Mike Nevo - Major Interest: San Antonio Scorpions El Chuncho - Major Interest: Académica, Deportes Concepción, Union San Felipe Peter Beagrie - Major Interest: St. Mirren / Minor Interest: Dundee Utd Bobby Nolan - Major Interest: St. Mirren / Minor Interest: Dundee Utd Andy Stewart - Minor Interest: Vit. Setúbal Steve Duffy - Major Interest: Blackpool, Brentford, Inverness CT, Kilmarnock, Leeds, Peterborough, St. Mirren Leonavich - No interest So after all that I will be doing weekly in game updates on people's movements. As some of the teams you may sign for are outside the active leagues, I will try my best to record your goalscoring, otherwise, it may just be the luck of the draw.
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