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  1. when i click on go on holiday,the game take me to the game status page,and then...what should i do?
  2. okey man thx!
  3. i right clicked the downloaded patch,and click on run.a window appeared,what file should i update? where its located?
  4. i downloaded the file from filefront.
  5. i downloaded the patch... what should i do next?? i cant extract it! sorry if its the wrong thread..
  6. i start downloading the patch from this link: and when its 94% the download box disapeared!!! after waiting 2 hours!! can anyone please give a direct link to download the patch with no problem.
  7. is the vanilla version comes with 3D? if how can i see the game? its only 2D in my game..
  8. take it easy! its just a question!
  9. thank you man!
  10. Hello, is anyone working on the new logos for the game.As i know the size has changed.hope the new logos will be available soon.
  11. do u mean logo badges,e.g serie A logos? i guess someone is working on it,right? hope so..
  12. I have saw this trophie one in the editor,but never happened in the game. what is about?
  13. winning the world cup with lebanon in FM 08.