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  1. Thank you all for the positive response. It is especially pleasing to see people happy with the pattern of gains rather than just seeing plenty of green arrows in useless or irrelevant attributes. Improving players does not just mean gaining CA, it also means putting gained CA or existing CA into the right attributes for your players. In the next few weeks I plan to go through the entire set of Schedules and retweak them all for better results based on what I have learned from this thread so far, perhaps even rebuild an entireally new set of Schedules from scratch. I would appreciate any f
  2. The injury routines are kind of "added-on-extras" that have not been fully developed, but there is a point to them. Short Term Injury is for players that get knocks or bumps and bruises and is intended to recover condition quickly when a player returns to Light Training without distriburing much of his current attribute shape. Players should be on it untill they recover a high level of condition. Long Term Injury is for players that have been out long enough to have 0 match practice. Because their match practice is so low they will lose CA. This CA will often come out of Physical Attributes
  3. No you are quite correct. There several of these kinds of issues around training and my schedules. This is one of the major reasons I am looking to involve other forum members in designing and testing schedules, to find out how many attributes should be accounted for and which attributes apply where. For example Strength has 4 Attributes for outfield players but I am pretty sure Natural Fitness cannot be trained therefore the strength balance may be slightly off. You have raised the point regarding reflexes and again it is quite possible that the Aerobic Category may be off by one notch per "
  4. I have not been able to get to my computer for the last week or so and have been unable to respond to your posts. There is quite a lot to deal with here and I will try and get to the important points without this post getting too long. Injuries Quite a few of you are reporting lots of injuries, while myself and a few others see no noticeable injury problem while using these schedules with top quality sides. Indeed it was Manchester United with their facilities that these schedules were first developed for. This does not mean that the schedules are "overly physical" or are not contributing t
  5. If the Training Arrows are weekly and Training Progress is monthly then yes that could mean they are ultimately identical, but the question is what do they mean? If they are identical but training arrows are weekly while progress is monthly, this still leaves the issue of accurately understanding what either of the two mean. Does Training Progress indicate actual attribute progress, or does it indicate what the schedule is doing independant of Age and Position? A schedule might pump heaps of CA into a players Physical Attributes but if that player is old he might still lose CA in his Physic
  6. Hi, thanks for the input. A high rate of injuries has always been a worry of mine with these schedules and if possible I would like to take those issues into account when designing future schedules or explaining how to design them. If at all possible and you are not too busy could you follow the instructions in the following quote and get back to me with what you find? Answers to the following questions would be a great help to me. It would be a huge help if you could give me this information.
  7. My thoughts exactly. To be fair though I remain unconvinced by my own explanation of the Training Arrows. The Training Arrows do not directly correspond to anything easilly observed though there are similarities and patterns, and this would suggest that the Training Arrows describe something different and more complex than the rest of the Training information, including attributes changes. For example the pattern of the Training Arrows follows the same pattern as Training Progress from month to month, but crucially the magnitude of Progress change is not replicated exactly in the Training Ar
  8. You already have that information in the Notes section of the savegame I sent you. I did send you a link to my savegame right? I thought I did but I can't remember for sure.
  9. I am so glad you spotted this because I have seen the very same thing happen and when I wrote about it in the Training thread I got into this intense arguement with some other guy over whether it occured or not. I told him that players would improve drastically in certain attributes after particularly good performance in really tough games, and he was adamant I was seeing things and that it didn't occur and was down solely to the luck of the right attributes going up coincidentally at the same time as a decent performance. What you have said here is something I have long believed to be true i
  10. My apologies guys for not explaining the different schedules. Please keep in mind that they cannot ensure you have made the right choice for your player, they can only attempt to mould players into a certain shape. If you want your young Centreback to improve his Technical ability and Passing skills then the Developing CB schedule is not for him as it trains players intensively in Strength, Aerobic, Tactics and Defending. Keep in mind the further points that A: these are based on the number of attributes per category and not on individual categories B: they are based on my choice of shape for
  11. Thanks, and that is some impressive improvements. However I don't know about you but I would be hoping to see some of those stat increases going into Physical Attributes as he is a bit lightweight in that area for a 20 year old. They might be improving but not going up visibly and they may improve much more over the rest of the season, but I think that schedule may be unbalanced though I could be jumping the gun. If you like it though no need to change it. Depends on his stats. If he is lacking in some key areas for his position then stick him the developing schedule for a while as they sh
  12. It doesn't pass but it doesn't have to have an affect on players. Unhappines with heavy Training is a constant small negative Morale modifier. If you left them on it and nothing ever happened at your club ever then they would eventually get really low Morale because of it. If something bad happens to your club like some poor results or dressing room issues then this will compound the problem and make your players unhappy quicker. If everything else at your club is going great then just ignore it as every win you get will put them all back up to Superb or high Morale. Heavy Training at a clu
  13. Don't expect drastic changes early on unless something happens to your players CA, like breaking into the first team or breaking a leg. Give it a season or so and you should see the players attributes altering pretty decently. If you are going to play as Milan make sure you make liberal use of the Veteran schedules
  14. SFraser's Training Schedules for FM10 Despite writing at great lengths about the topic of how players work and how training works I have never released any Training Schedules to the wider public. This is partly because I do not believe that "one-shoe-fits-all" schedules exist, partly because I had never taken the time to develop a broad range of general schedules that could be used by other people, and partly because I did not know enough detail about certain key aspects of Training and player mechanics to produce what I would consider accurate schedules. While the first remains true the lat
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