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  1. It works, I never said it didn't work. I said a feature that used to be in the game has been removed for no reason.
  2. Why can't we do this through the game anymore? This used to be an option in the games! My C drive is a small SSD purely for my OS so 10GB of graphics is a cuntload I don't want. I know you probably can't do anything but it's ***** it can't be changed. Such a basic feature removed but hey, we got more options at press conferences for the assistant manager to use.
  3. Yeah I filtered it so you could see he signed a new contract and then announced the retirement. There is no options for me to ask him to reconsider but in his information screen it does say "Partially retiring from professional football" - does this mean he will still play semi-pro for me? Sorry the last time I had a LLM game in a previous version this wasn't an option if this is the case.
  4. Thanks barside I'll try that next transfer window then. How is it I do it pre-match though? Like with my opponents star player. I remember I used to do that before.
  5. I mean I can't speak to anyone, I just can't find the option anywhere.
  6. I haven't played FM in about a year but I used to always tap up players more or less to unsettle them or comment on their abilities to make them lose confidence in their next match etc. Now I can't find where that is anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction here?
  7. They're in the same league system as me so they're definitely a different entity. I'm almost sure when I change the job to physio/scout/etc it changes maximum staff permitted to reflect only physios/scouts/etc but I can't check right now as I'm at work so I'll check once I'm home. E: and totalling all my staff is way more than 9 too anyway
  8. I'm managing Real Sociedad on the latest patch, online. Screenshots of it saying I've reached my maximum, screenshot of my staff list and finally a screenshot of my B team (which shouldn't influence the senior squad since they are two completely different entities and I can even sign their staff). Is it a bug or am I being dumb? http://imgur.com/gLHMzQB http://imgur.com/Mhu4Fvc http://imgur.com/ne9scQ7
  9. Yeah they do. But it's a traditional parent club for loaning players to, not one for WP's. Does that make a difference at all?
  10. Sunderland (Top tier) with Tenerife (3rd tier) as a WP feeder club. But it's just in general, if I keep trying to link up with Team X will I eventually get them? As in, is it percentage based or just straight up "yes you meet the criteria" or "no you do not meet the criteria".
  11. How do feeder clubs work? If my board fail to come to terms with a feeder club I want, is there a chance I can still get them if I keep trying? As in, does the game go (Your rep + league rep + other things) versus (Their rep + their league rep + other things) which makes it a 20% chance of successfully getting that club. Or is it flat out just "yes" and "no"? If that makes sense.
  12. That's exactly the sort of thing I was after! Gutted it doesn't go into a bit more detail on the whole loaning part since common sense (in my opinion) would mean there is no need to reapply. Then again not all laws make complete sense. Thank you, Lawlore.
  13. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/360764-Work-permits-are-gash Sorry I never got to reply before it was closed for no reason, I work so I can't reply but I did have some observations to draw. It wasn't a change in employer, he was still my player. He was to go on loan. I'm genuinely curious why he would need to reapply for another WP. Is there any link on it as I tried google and couldn't find much.
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