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  1. Jaded

    Do regens start with 1 year contracts? One idea I had was a regen isn't available to sign in the first season, the club the regen was generated to would be more likely to want to keep the player or want a higher transfer fee. Don't know if it's possible to do that but people who like to sign cheap regens wouldn't like it
  2. Jaded

    You do know you don't have to sign regens? It's possible to play 10-15 seasons without even thinking about signing one.
  3. Any beer left? Good to see you back Ridley
  4. Basque Bilbao

    I think there is one when you are managing a basque only club.
  5. It's too easy for one of your players to win WPOTY on this version, out of 6 seasons i've done in top leagues i've had a player win it 5 times Lucas Barrios - 3 Times Dame N'Doye Diego Tardelli
  6. Belgian mistakes

    Boca and River are both crap, Estudiantes and Velez are the best in Argentina I don't think the Argentian leagues will get added in due to the rules of the competition/relegation
  7. Belgian mistakes

    2? And you get feedback on the PSP as soon as it gets released and a year later the same problems are still in the game......is a year not easier to react in than a few weeks/months?
  8. Belgian mistakes

    Think he means for the PSP version.... Jens no-one worked on the 2011 psp version thats why it didn't get sorted.........everything you say does get fixed for the iphone version so you are helping
  9. Even with cheating Leeds have still got a crap starting 11
  10. £30 :o £25 compared to £7 - still worth it?