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  1. Hi I'm after a little bit of help, In the individual training screen for a player, you can select areas for a player to improve upon e.g. Strength, attacking movement etc well is there a way I can instruct my players to focus on improving their crossing? I can't seem to find away to do this apart from training in a particular position on the pitch improves it but I don't wanna retrain or have players natural in a position focusing on that in training, just crossing?
  2. I can't find on the forum where to post about joining football manager scouting team. Has it been removed? Or am I just being blind? Many thanks Richard
  3. In the title really: Is there an Android app that goes straight to these forums? If so how do I go about finding it? It would make forums more accessible and more appealing. Thanks Richard Meakin
  4. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry if this has already been mentioned or i have done this thread wrong but i cam across a website which i thought would be useful for future Football managers http://www.imscouting.com/ Its a scouting database of players now or up and coming, its full of stats and all that sort of shizzle , so its upto date and realistic ... Its been put together by the agent pini zahivi?? or summat like that. Also a few other ideas of mine are: 1.) To hire youth team managers rather than a coach and give them a budget from within your transfer budget so they can sign youth players also .... This may need a bit of tweakin hear and there but ppl i ave spoken to seem to like the idea 2.) When networking to be able to set up a friends league , so instead of doin a full season in england with for example 10 of your mates , to just have you and your mates in one league with one transfer window, this would be quicker and gettin to the point of networking ... beating your mates. What do people think of my ideas?
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