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  1. I can't say I have ever seen an opposition player learn a new primary position and want to check if this is something already in the game or whether it should be raised as a new feature request?
  2. Rules for player approaches: https://www.footballinbracknell.co.uk/features/in-depth/26102/the-7-day-approach-rule-and-how-non-league-football-transfers-work/
  3. Dual registration for non-contract players, which is common in English Non-League. This allows the player to be registered for another club (if the original club agrees) and play competitive games for the new club whilst not completely leaving the original club. At the end of the playing season the clubs and player can decide where his future lies. This could be because a player doesn't get enough first team game time so works similar to a loan, which isn't an option for non contract players in game or in real life, or, if a higher division club comes in which will allow the layer
  4. In season 3 level 9 currently but going strong, so far I have been able to attract players from level 8. Do you have the in game editor? If not, FM Scout have their own which is free to view but paid to make edits, you could have a look at your rep vs other teams maybe that is it?
  5. UPDATE: Not just happening when an achievement is unlocked but seems to be any time a key event happens at the final whistle. For example, I have won 3 in trophies in my current save and each time post match team talk was skipped and went straight to auto save (I have this set after each game) and I miss the ceremony. I have changed the auto save to weekly in the hope this may help.
  6. This has started to make my save feel unplayable. I started as an amateur club in England with a custom db, I signed very few players first season, keeping the faith in my new gens and got promoted first season. Second season I started very well and my original striker and vice captain whose goals were key last season was on fire once again, then he left. With us now being a semi pro club and everyone on non contracts, thanks to the in game editor, needed because of another bug which I will raise shortly, an amateur club from a division below pinched him away. This is only the f
  7. @lionel messi All league cups will generally have no extra time.
  8. I have been trying to advertise an under 18s manager role for several in game months but it doesn't work. I can select the option and get the confirmation the job has been posted but nothing appears in news and when I go back to to do it again the option is available again and the cycle continues. I have now had this happen for an Assistant manager position.
  9. @lionel messi - Qualifying rounds of the domestic comps are missing geographical draws. FA Cup: Extra Preliminary Round & Preliminary Round - 10 regions - https://www.thefa.com/news/2020/aug/18/emirates-fa-cup-extra-preliminary-round-and-preliminary-round-draws-180820 First Qualifying Round - Doesn't state number of regions so my assumption is this is also 10 as per previous rounds. Second Qulifying Round - 5 regions - https://www.thefa.com/news/2020/sep/25/emirates-fa-cup-second-round-qualifying-draw-made-250920 Third Qualifying Round - Doesn't state number of reg
  10. I can confirm it is triggered when an achievement is unlocked I just had it happen again.
  11. I have had this on 2 occasions, with 1 being ym final game which resulted in winning the league. Both times I unlocked an achievement at the end of the game so I think it could be linked to that. I also was unable to watch the trophy celebration as it was processing so could only see a bit in the background but it seemed to have skipped most of it as if I had hit continue.
  12. This is a known error with the editor, there is a thread on it in the forum and fix which requires you to edit the .fmf files. Alternatively, you could download a real name fix from one of the fan sites or buy the in game editor and edit yourself when you start a save. Hope this helps.
  13. Pitch sizes - There is a minimum and maximum outlined by FA and can be found in the Handbook . I noticed on previous games when this wasn't set some teams would use the 120 x 90 in game max which is huge. http://handbook.fapublications.com/#!/book/36
  14. I managed to get this working on mine, the problem I had was level 10 verifying, probably because there arent enough teams after the restructure higher up. If you are going to look into this i'd happily send you my file. I am going to use your file rather than spend more time trying to fix mine. I have had a look around and it looks quality, even better than previous years might I add. I have a few things I have noticed which I hope you don't mind me feeding back? - Isthmian League Cup is now a group stage then knockout - Essex Senior League has an additional league cup "
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