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  1. Very kind thought, but I'm doing this for myself just as much as the community. Back to work this week so had no editing but should have some time Sunday. Creating the club's is the really long winded part.
  2. A lot of work has been done and there is more ahead. Level 11 leagues have been created and I am working through adding the (skeleton) clubs for 1st release (will add more detail to this level in the 2nd release). I have started adding league and county cups but require level 11 to be complete before I can finish this. I will not be adding cups that contain teams below level 11. Once done, Fa Cup, Fa Trophy and Fa Vase will also be reworked to include down to level 11. I am also working my way through level 9 adding detail to clubs; fully completing the main page, reserve/youth teams, correct stadiums including longitude/latitude location, 18/19 real life average attendances, match day ticket prices. Level 10 I am doing the same as above as well as club reputations (some clubs created from scratch). To make things slightly quicker, I can leave the extra detail mentioned above until 2nd release if people would prefer? Please let me know. I will continue to pump hours into it today as I have done the last 2 days, so should make some good progress.
  3. Still working on it around work and life. Feel free to invest your time in your own db or be patient to those who are.
  4. Thanks Jack I had this issue after updating Nvidia drivers. This has fixed it.
  5. I will set all level 11 teams to amateur unless my research clearly states that a team is semi-pro. Yes, will set minimum age as 18 for Universities.
  6. Thanks mate, I will be adding players to level 10 (probably in a version 2 release). I can find player names no problem it's more the positions and ages that are harder to find.
  7. Another league completely finished at level 10, for those of you wanting Hashtag United you will be please to know they are done with the exception of players. If anyone knows their full squad list with positions, ages etc I am happy to add it in. Due to the level of detail it is coming along slower than I would like but I am confident it willbe the most accurate db out there. Recently added average attendances for those available, colours and kits.
  8. Just a quick update - 3rd league at level 10 fully complete. - Reputations - Chairmen & Managers added - Reserve and Under 18 teams added according to real life - Stadiums updated/created - Missing cities added - Average match day and season ticket prices added where possible - 2018 league finishes added, last position/last division updated
  9. Too early to say right now. They are level 10, so yes they will be in it.
  10. Probably 11 to replicate the fa cup and vase correctly. I definitely won't be adding players to level 11 though.
  11. Yeah I'll probably release a version without players and staff.
  12. I believe there are 2 relegation slots from the ESL this year so will replicate that. I'm not sure yet, I don't want to release a db I'm not happy with if it isn't where I want it to be. I've added players to 2 teams so far, tested it and I'm happy with the results. So I'll hold off on that until all of the leagues and cups have been added and then start adding staff and players.
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