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  1. No particular stop in levels, but there are set standards clubs have to reach irl before they can be promoted to the Semi-Pro leagues (Top 3 divisions). In this file, there are four divisions below the Semi-Pro league at tier 4, which the league winners have knockout playoffs to determine which clubs will be promoted. While there are 3 cups however at the moment there are a lot more to add in!
  2. Let us know who you end up managing! I'm with Galgorm Blues in the Ballymena Saturday Morning Division 3
  3. Trying to get this as accurate as possible however there is no real promotion & relegation within some of the tiers in NI - so those have been added in. Still work in progress but i'm loving the challenge so far.
  4. [FM16] Northern Irish Leagues to tier 10 [WIP] v.1 Download Here Extended Northern Irish League & Cups to tier 10! This is an attempt to organise the Northern Irish Football leagues into a defined pyramid. As many Semi-Pro and Amateur clubs have been included as I could muster up in a few days. Further updates will come but I will welcome feedback at any time. Current Cups: Irish Cup (Extended) League Cup Steel & Sons Cup (More to follow in future updates) Future Plans are to include all amateur and regional cups, but i've included the national cups for now. Cardinal Smith
  5. I knew I'd feel daft when I was shown the answer, haha, thanks!
  6. It's a custom Northern Irish league, to the 12th tier. But I actually find this issue if I try and add any Sub Division to any league/hierarchy - how does it work for you?
  7. I'm going to *Bump* this old post as I'm having an identical issue! Apologies as I'm sure it's a super simple button I'm missing, but when I try to add a subdivision, it automatically adds the Belgian Pro division without any option to search. If anyone can help us that would be great (So I stop pulling my hair out)
  8. Hi, Any more details you want to share? What divisions & Cups have you added and are there working promotions between the Championship 2 and lower leagues?
  9. This looks fantastic, I'd love to give it a go and start from the amatuer leagues. Someone did something similar to this but for Northern Ireland (to tier 11 I think) and it was way back in FM10...I miss it, literal pub teams!
  10. First Name: Chris Last Name: Maitland Ethnicity*: White Hair Colour*: Brown Skin Tone*: Light / 2 Date Of Birth: 22/01/1986 City Of Birth: Ballymena Height: 184 Weight: 65kg Second Nations: Preferred University (UK Only): University of Ulster Preferred Position: DR / L Second Position: DMC 3 Key Attributes: Concentration, Tackling, Leadership Up to 2 Prefered Staff Role: Manager, Assistant Manager
  11. This is pretty interesting. Does anyone know what specific advantages there would be for a continenant outside of Europe growing to get the highest rep? More prize money, increased global & continental qualifying places, etc?
  12. lol, that's a direct request! But seriously this could be a Steam issue rather than a Football Manager one, either way you should post this in the technical help and bugs forum.
  13. I've found it easier to be offered jobs or get a job at a bigger club when I'm still with a club myself. I've tried quitting clubs and it's as if my reputation takes a small hit as applying jobs I feel I should be at least considered for, my interest is instead laughed off! Try keeping to short term contracts if you're looking to move as any new team that will hire you only has to pay a small amount of compensation to the club, making you a more attractive investment. The only disadvantage is that your previous club then hates you :o
  14. AAAAaarrrrrggghhh - Still in work Can one of you please go open my laptop and get steam running?
  15. Maybe to do with them working on the game in the office? Longs days, etc. Miles to the Dev team --> Assertive: "Let's do this for the fans!"
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