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  1. You can sell all your players for 300 million. This glitch is not even discovered on this forum yet? It has been in the game for months
  2. I remembered I donated 60 euro's back in 2109 to be part of the alpha testing of FM20. It's mid summer 20 now, my question is: is it playable or do I need to wait for a new developer team who will take care of the FM engine in the future? Thanks!
  3. We are in 2020 and the game is still unplayable. What a disgrace.. They should accept refunds, how in earth can you release a not finished product??
  4. The amount of defensive errors since the last patch is really, really, annoying. Completely unrealistic football and the state of the match engine is really bad. I uninstalled the game, I have no trust in this dev team anymore. Playing this since CM01 but enough is enough. The game has become too complex for the devs, I think they should really restructure the whole engine to make things less complex for them self because it is clear they also don't have a clue how to fix certain things in the ME.
  5. And the huge amount of missed penalties? Has this been fixed now?
  6. There are so many bugs in the game and the ME that I don't know where to start.. Damn. The Dev team must be working like crazy now, it is one big mess.
  7. That you are not aware does not make this an overstatement. When most of the talents have important fixed att. at 1-3, the game in the long run will be broken. Imagine all of your talents don't develop like they should. I think no FM player would enjoy this. People are waiting to start games because of this. So yes, you can call this gamebreaking.
  8. Why is everyone so negative about the ME??? It is so much better than last year, crosses are not OP any more, different ways to score. Yeah, it is not perfect but it is better than last year and has room for improvement what makes it even better.
  9. People should be aware of this attribute bug. It is gamebreaking and game shouldn't be released before it was fixed. I hope they understand this and can come up with a fix today.
  10. Hi. Would like to start a online game for 2 players very soon and I was looking for some club combinations too play with Preferred leagues: Spain England Germany The Netherlands
  11. Hhahaaahaha. This forum is even worse than that one of EA. Everyone can see, by playing, some things are really off but if you say this those wannabe authorities will block that conversation. Is this North Korea? Really bad community managers you have here. Damn.
  12. The way the VAR is working now is just ******** and not correct. The VAR should only be in play when the game is stopped. Now you can lose good goal scoring opportunities because the ref is stopping the game for the VAR. It is not how it works in real life. So why do you guys keep adding things if you don't even know how it works? You should remove it or fix it.
  13. Thanks. Now they are thinking they have done a great job with the current ME.
  14. Thanks for your reply. Now we filtered out the SI "It must be your tactic" keyboard warriors. We are done.
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