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  1. Have to admit the widgets re-positioning themselves after i spend ages lining them up is really annoying. I have a widescreen monitor and they always re-position themselves in the same place (Exactly where i don't want them!). Can't say i have noticed the random kit selection though.
  2. Hi I would also like to be considered for future beta testing. Having played the old Championship manager series and now football manager since the very beginning, it's obvious to see how far these games have come and i would like to be a part of continuing to improve the series. As i get older i'm finding that Football manager is the only game i ever really play consistently so anything i can do to make it better i will. I appreciate that due to it's complexity this game will never be 100% bug free but there we some quite major issues the made it to release such as the injury bug, incompatability with certain graphics hardware and at the moment there is a lot of discussion about wonderkids being released on free's. The latter is actually a nice bug when you are playing as a smaller team :-), but still something that should have been picked up. I feel that if given the chance to be a beta tester then i'll do my best to ensure these and numerous other small isssues will not make it to future releases of Football Manager. As for my testing background, i work as a senior devloper for a large financial organisation and have been part f testing teams during my time there. I have a degree in Software Engineering and have worked in IT for the last 5 years since leaving Uni, all of this i feel should put me into a good position to be a beta tester for the FM series. Just a quick not on the NDA issue, i am signed up at work to all NDA projects in a £200 million project portfolio and know exactly what is required here and the importance of not disclosing any information to anybody. Finally i thought i would end on a high note! I am loving the 3D match engine, i thinks it's added so much to the game and once the little niggles are ironed out (for example my player 2 yards next the ball being beaten to it by an opposition at least 15 yards away, because he just decides to walk over to the ball slowly..) i think people will wonder how we ever coped without it. Thanks for reading Marc
  3. First, despite a lot of negative coments i have read on here, i am really enjoying the demo. There are a few issues which i will get to in a minute but i must say i am loving the 3D match engine, it just add's that bit more realism. The Good points, well i have played 6 games as Arsenal and despite having half my team injured i have yet to loose! I like the press conferences as it just adds that bit more to the pre and post match, and i like the assistants feedback and player motivation during the game. Why is Gallas never motived though!? Match engine is great, makes those 30 yard screamers all the more enjoyable :-) Scouting also seems better and i like the regular updates on their progress, also the transfer news and occasional 'leaked bid' (Pat Rice never did tell me who did it!) is more realistic. Ok SI here are the issues i have noticed so far, can i just point out that only the problem affecting the game is injuries, the others are more cosmetic! Injuries - This has been mentioned alot, but playing as Arsenal i have lost Eboue for 4 months, Adebayor for 2 months, Demilson for 3 months and seem to pick up at least one injury a game. Would like to point out i have only played 6 games. Match Engine - As i said pretty good so far, if i want to be picky i have scored a number of free kicks so far, the last of which the keeper stood behind his wall with his hands on his hips leaving Van Persie to put the ball right down the middle. Secondly unless i have some super tactic Yaya Toure has so far scored 4 goals in 6 games all from 30 yards. He is my holding player and is always free outside the box and never seems to miss! Not that im complaining but it does seem a little unrealistic. Also players standind still with ball is a bit annoying! I did also see Adebayor sctretcher off without a stretcher. His body simply slid along pitch, still face down until he reached the dugout which was quite funny! The double spelling when typing words, but this has aready been mentioned quite a bit. Girlfriend is back to moaning at me again! Just a brief update as im currently fitting my new Kitchen so finding time to play the game quite hard to come by.
  4. Apologies if this has been mentioned before (there are too many pages to read here) but i'd like some kind of virtual prize and a place in FM history when i win the Champions League with Swindon Town... at least this way ill have something to use when arguing with my mrs about why playing this game is not wasting my time and that it is more important then sitting with her while she watches Ugly Betty :-) Seriously though some kind of online Hall of Fame would be ace! My other suggestions would be -Specific instructions for subs, ie go kick Christiano Ronaldo around and make sure he doesn't score -More feedback about how the fans feel about you, may not change the game but nice to hear fans supporting you if you get sacked after winning a clubs first trophy in years but then having a few bad seasons, also nice to have the added pressue if you are doing badly and the fans start to get agaisnt you such as protests outside the stadium etc and then to have all this change because you win a local derby! Fans and the newspapers can be this shallow! -On that point the newspaper headlines and transfer news would be a cool feature, i mean who doesn't read the back pages of the newspaper to see what they think of their team/players and to read the latest transfer gossip -If a player is in high demand his value should increase, maybe even the possability to offer to other teams stating you have recieved £x from another club -Improve the favorite staff feature, if you work with an assistand for many years and especially if you are sucessful you can expect a really good realtionship to build up. If you then leave the club it should be easier to recruit these people from your old club, infact on occasions they should be determined to leave and join you at the new club. -Rather than players becoming unhapy at you for turning down a bid from a higher profile club, they should speak to you and make their frustrations known, allowing you to try to persuade the to stay through new contracts, promises of new signings etc -Refs should on occasion come out after a game and admit they made a mistake, im thinking not giving a penalty in the FA cup final etc, after all these things do happen and they are only human :-) I'm sure there are lots of ther things i will think of and i'll post them in due course but that will do for now! Overall a great series of games and i cant wait for the next installment. I can remember the conversations all those years ago in the first Champ Man where we were saying wouldn't a 3d real life view of the games be great. Looking forward to trying it out and im sure it will only get better over the years!