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  1. cant seems to find a suitable position for Ozil therefore sold him, Griezmann is struggling for me, yet to open his account and only a handful of assist
  2. Unbelievable success with the tactics, won domestic treble with Arsenal and the Champions League
  3. this tactics have been doing wonders for me.. 5th season with spurs, won the last 4 league titles and lots of domestic cup, won europa league in season one but lost last 2 champions league final.. I want to win the champions league badly!!
  4. why are hernandez and cahill on transfer list ? thats really puzzling..very good buy!!
  5. finish the season with domestic treble but lost in CL 1/8 to Juve.. Bought Llorente (free), Neymar (35m), Isco (17.5m), Wellington Nem (57m), Digine (10.5m) Sold Evra (10m), Carrick (10m), Welbeck (13m), Kagawa (30m), Fellaini (25m) didnt want to sell welbeck but he was unhappy as u can see i got too many strikers. Fellaini cmi so offer him off at 25m. bought him at 23m. now starting season 2..hopefully can win CL..
  6. started a game earlier and played half a season already. Bought - Fellaini (23m), cavani (32m) and bale (27m) Sold- Nani (23m), Hernandez (25m) and anderson (7.5m) currently played 21 - 16w 3d 2l 10 points clear of chelsea (they got 2 games in hand) feel a need to strengthen my full backs especially left back..any recommendation beside baines? please feedback on how can i improve my team? thanks!
  7. during match play how do i change the overview screen to solely show the score between the two teams only? currently its split into 3 sections..
  8. this guy is awesome..got him in my man city team & he is scoring tons of goals for fun..
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