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  1. Thanks for that. Doesn't make sense having it placed there to me. Surely it would be better in your team report or assistant manager profile. Silly UI haha
  2. I have checked through the last 7 pages of threads but cant find any information about this. How do i request my assistant manager to complete a loan report for a certain position like i was able to do in previous years? I cannot for the life of me find the option with this new UI :/ Fairly impressed with the game, but struggling with the UI in general
  3. Wallys update

    Download link not working at the moment - any chance of a new link?
  4. Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me"
  5. Parachute payments

    I got Cardiff promoted and then got relegated the next season on the last game I had a parachute payment of just £2 Million. i thought IRL it was something like £20 Million??
  6. Thanks - i will let him go at the end of the season then lol
  7. Currently managing Merthyr in the blue square in the conference season 09/10 after going on holiday for a year (a la the Dafuge challenge) However my assman, who I admit isnt great stats wise, doesnt give me any feedback on tactics at all. I am looking in the performance widgit in the tv view of the match engine. Is this the correct place to look and if so does anyone know the reason why he isnt giving me feedback? Before anyone starts this is a legit and activated copy of the game as read too many people wrongly shouting crack at every question.
  8. My Goalie Scored

    My keeper scored from a kickout. Bounced over the opposing keeper and into the net. Cue a 70 yard sprint from my keeper to celebrate the goal lol
  9. Mr B's Transfer Update 2/9/08

    Freddie ljunberg has left west ham
  10. Mr B's Transfer Update 2/9/08

    Cardiff City errors: Robbie fowler - free to blackburn (possibly still without a contract there) Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink - released on a free
  11. Mr B's Transfer Update 2/9/08

    One slight omission from liverpool - David N'Gog is still at Paris St German