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  1. Thanks for that. Doesn't make sense having it placed there to me. Surely it would be better in your team report or assistant manager profile. Silly UI haha
  2. I have checked through the last 7 pages of threads but cant find any information about this. How do i request my assistant manager to complete a loan report for a certain position like i was able to do in previous years? I cannot for the life of me find the option with this new UI :/ Fairly impressed with the game, but struggling with the UI in general
  3. Crack

    Wallys update

    Download link not working at the moment - any chance of a new link?
  4. Crack

    Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me"
  5. Crack

    Jail time for assaulting a policeman?

    I find it hard to understand how it could be charged as assault police if the officer was off duty. The biting element however is an Actual bodily harm (S47 Offences Against the Person Act), so he may be slightly confused. he may have been charged with assault, yet is confusing it with assaulting a police officer as the victim was an off duty officer. From lots of experience with the courts (not in the dock ) I would place a large amount of money on the fact that he won't go to prison for this
  6. Crack

    Ok anyone know about laws?

    You would commit the offence of Fraud by False Representation.
  7. Crack

    Parachute payments

    I got Cardiff promoted and then got relegated the next season on the last game I had a parachute payment of just £2 Million. i thought IRL it was something like £20 Million??
  8. Crack

    Anyone recommend Egypt?

    ZanteMatt, there are some good deals to the Maldives. http://www.dreammaldives.co.uk 4 Star hotel and AI to Keredu in May in a Garden Villa (you might want to upgrade to a Beach Villa) for less than £800 a person. Flights with Emirates so not shabby. The only issue is no seaplane transfers are included which are a must. Travel supermarket also have some great deals.
  9. Crack

    Anyone recommend Egypt?

    Budget of 2K and you're thinking about Egypt???? Myself and the wife have a similar budget and have found some great all inclusive deals to the maldives for the money :D We went to Egypt in 04 i think and it was good but had our honeymoon in the Maldives in 06 which was amazing. If you are looking for a beach holiday and fancy the whole paradise thing then you wouldnt be disapointed with the maldives.
  10. Boyzone, Westlife and Eoughan on one show. No wonder Louis looks like hes had a good time backstage before the show :/
  11. ghastly opening......boyzone improved it. cant beleive how much hatred i have for Eoughan
  12. wIsh Simon would give the "Louis ruined your life 3 years ago' line a rest. 3 years ago Alex would not have reached the final - therefore Louis did her a favour. Performance wise i liked that
  13. much better than the garden gnome. Whats the betting alex does 'All I Want for christmas'?
  14. Shocking - very flat and out of tune. Murdered it
  15. Crack

    How dangerous a driver are you?

    You scored a 90% (A)! Your driving level is: very safe woohooo