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  1. Pincheh

    Funny addition to FM13

    What about Beardecmber?
  2. Bought for the bargain price of 500k and scored 2 goals in his first ever game
  3. I always give my backup keeper number 15 and I can never buy a player who has played for Man Utd or has them listed in there favoured clubs
  4. Pincheh

    FM11- Touted/dubbed as thread

    Dedryck Boyata as the next Lorenzo Staelens
  5. Pincheh

    [FM10] Freedom for Tooting & Mitcham!

    City relegated, sadface
  6. Why must I continue to move to teams that don't play me
  7. Pincheh

    Metal_Guitarist's FM10 Update

    Rostyn Griffiths is now at Central Coast Mariners
  8. Pincheh

    International Manager

    I've gotten the Italian (twice), Brazilian and Spanish, and offered the French jobs while being listed as an English manager
  9. Pincheh

    FM10SX - mac savegame editor/scout

    I would do that but my internet sucks and would take around a day to upload the save file
  10. Pincheh

    [FM10] Freedom for Tooting & Mitcham!

    Just finished reading the whole thing excellent career mate, could I by any chance see how Leyton Orient have gone?
  11. Not a good month for me hopefully I can move clubs and get more playing time elsewhere
  12. Pincheh

    FM10SX - mac savegame editor/scout

    The saves were uncompressed before but it wasn't working so I tried compressing them to see if there was a difference...obviously not
  13. Pincheh

    FM10SX - mac savegame editor/scout

    That looks absolutely fantastic mate, and tbh I just want to use it for scouting purposes so I'm sure I can wait for you to finish it. And hopefully it will work on my computer Also here is a screenshot of the console messages I got: