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  1. FM 13 Demo is on Steam

    Thanks a lot, worked a treat! Can't wait to get this going.
  2. FM 13 Demo is on Steam

    The options there but an error occurs when I try says (no subscription). Bummer.
  3. People do realize just because they're there, doesn't mean they have to buy them? Some of you need to get a grip, if you're against it, it's not going to have any effect on you or your game in any way.
  4. Hit A Brick Wall

    Maybe take a pay cut?
  5. Is Rage Quitting Unacceptable?

    Depends on an individuals opinion, no one person or group of peoples can say a definate verdict.
  6. Almost always start a game with a goal in the first 15. Sets us up really well going forwards and allows us to play our counter attacking football as the other team pushs higher and higher up the pitch trying to reply.
  7. FMHi2011 / the Japan disaster

    You can't expect them to give money away everytime a disaster hits. Amazing what you guys are doing hope you raise lots to help with the relief effort!
  8. Profit or Loss?

    Monthly I tend to lose a lot as im currently Man U and spend around 8 million a month repaying loans Hopefully I'll be able to scrape a profit come the end of the season via prize money etc.
  9. The shortest trial ever?

    I've cancelled trials the same hour they joined the club due to their hidden stats turning out to be terrible thus making them a crap player.
  10. 1 day as manager of Ghana because I didn't have players from there loaded and thus had 'greys' in goal. So i resigned.
  11. Where's the Money?

    Chairman probably booked himself off on a nice round the world cruise. Seriously though the deal may have been cancelled when you left Bristol.
  12. Best thread title ever Great layout too, really good read.
  13. holidaying till 2999

    Actually I think you'll find it made you look (like a complete child). Now I think it's your bedtime.
  14. If you're getting that many reds and the same ref for '90%' of your games then it is almost definatly a bug.