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  1. Being a fan I'm obviously biased, But i think Match Engine aside there's not many complaints. (beta).
  2. Update for full will come through at 0.00 BST. Just as last year. Prior to 0.00 it will be BETA. Don't expect it to download the second it hits 0.00 either
  3. Kinda. Hopefully it'll be updated once the release patch is in.
  4. Hi, I would like to suggest additional feature to lock a players training. For example, I may want my coach to be in charge of automatically doing individual training but certain specific players I may want to do myself. It gets tedious to manually do this. Thoughts?
  5. Ever since FM 2011 I've been exclusively using 41221 dmc, 2cm, 2inside forwards, and 1 CF. Oddly enough the league is a guarantee win, the other cups aren't though. There are some issues with the match engine that needs fixing though, then i'll lose even less (such as players backing away when they are closest to the ball).
  6. but where are the patch notes? would be nice to have an updates section with only patch notes
  7. Started new save but will be using same tactics. On d save was top of league into cl final, won league cup. Lost fa cup tho. Anyway been playing fm since 97. My tactics generall get tweaked every game but a few things never change: Formation Rb cb cb lb Dm Cm cm Rw. Lw Cf All man mark, except fb's and front 3 on zonal, this is tweaked according to opposition formation. Example if they play 442 then my dm is free and changed to zonal high. Both cm's are holding ball roamers with no runs only through balls, passing down flanks only unless at home. Generally the formation is superior to most other formations. I struggle against spurs coz they play the same formation tho. Ive not lost to city. I managed to park the bus and countr beat barca over 2 legs as well. If its against weak teams ill change the dm to amc position
  8. Transfers: Young - offer out for 30m, wenger will come knocking with 27m everytime. Anderson - straight swap with fellaini is possible, else 5m + andsrson ia guarantee Alaba - 16.75m accept Bale - 24m
  9. I purchased boxed. That means my emailed code will b beta only? Coz i camt update either
  10. Sold Young to Arsenal for 27m (offered to all at 30m). Got Bale for 25m. Somehow exchanged Fellani for 100k + Anderson. I'm pretty sure there's a bug with transfers with part exchange.
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